Checking out Our Local Science Center For Free

Our title is a catch phrase often heard in this family, it started out as a joke but honestly who doesn't love free stuff?!

When I learned that we could get into the Connecticut Science Center for free this month using our Mystic Aquarium membership I immediately set aside a date and we were so excited that today was the day.

 We had so much fun, learned so much and saw many new and wonderful exhibits.  There were several schools there today so it was a bit crowded but we still had a great day.  It was so nice to be reminded about all the fun stuff we can learn just by playing and exploring.

We learned about rivers, dams, water flow and run of river:

We learned about ancient Egypt!  We spent A LOT of time with this exhibit; they were so interested in everything-- camels, archaeological digs, bones, mummification, sand storms, how the pyramids were built, etc.

Which bones are meatier and where would they be

The effects of wind on sand

Piecing together an "old, broken" vase

Pulling blocks like the Egyptians
We learned about magnetism and how magnets can help things move.  We learned about magnets that attract and magnets that repel. 

Repelling magnets make a cushion of air

magnets make things move

  We learned about properties of flight and wind power.

racing our sail boats

making papers fly

trying a new design

trajectory, motion and more!

Ian's paper launched the farthest!
  We learned about inventions, cause and effect and to always keep trying!

building and testing Lego cars

We learned about the principles of hot and cold air and got to test out theory using a hot air balloon:

 We learned about outer space-- the galaxy, the planets, our sun and radio waves.  We learned about gamma rays, micro waves, infrared rays and what all the rays have to do with space. 

We learned about sound waves and motion and used our bodies to change both!

 We learned about high speed cameras and got to watch things in super slow motion. 

a cork popping off a champagne bottle

a water balloon bursting

Mostly I was reminded of the importance of play and why we started homeschooling in the first place as we followed these school kids around filling out their worksheets.  


  1. wow what a great museum and even better that it's free, there looks like so much to do and great that its really interactive so the kids can get really hands on #explorerkids

    1. I just love interactive museums and yeah, this one is pretty great.

  2. This looks like so much fun #explorerkids

    1. It really is! They change exhibits out every so often too so it never gets "old."

  3. So much to learn! Science Centres are amazing - I am hoping to go to the one in London next month. #ExplorerKids

    1. I think science centers and museums are my favorites. I just love science and asking questions.

  4. We went to the London Science Museum during last Summer. It was awesome. Very similar to this. Lots of activities and play stuffs. Sometime you can learn a lot of stuffs by just having fun. I'm impressed that you caught the flying object in motion. :) x

    Thank you very much for linking up with us on #ExplorerKids

    1. Thanks, i did have to get myself set up before the object went flying into the air. It's not always easy catching those action shots.


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