Fun With Words and Learning

I know that hands on learning is best for my boys and so I try to make each and every subject as hands on as I possibly can.

I look for fun ways to cover the same materials as our books and we often make up our own games and fun activities.  

I told the older boys they could write on the windows with dry erase markers.  

I gave them the option of writing a letter to their dad for him to read tonight or told them I could give them some spelling words to practice.  They both chose to write a letter.

 Evan thought that sounded like fun and wanted to practice his sight words by spelling them for me on our glass doors.

Ian wrote a nice long letter with lots of spelling and punctuation practice.

Alec decided to write a very short letter but since he made up his own alphabet code and wrote part of his message in code I was totally fine with that.  What a great imagination!

He's hoping his father will write him back in secret code tonight when he gets home and reads the message. 
Fun with sight words & spelling

Writing a master list for his cipher

Alec writing his coded message
While the older boys were finishing up their writing I played a sight word game with Evan.

I took our sight word cups and set them up with 5 in a row and asked him to tell me what sight word Batman was hidden under.

Evan then decided it would be more fun to put a mixture of good guys and bad guys under the cups and he had to find all the good guys before he stumbled upon a bad guy.

This was quite challenging and he got tons of sight word practice.

We played many rounds and ended up practicing 10 different sight words since I switched the cups out half way through playing. 

Batman is under IT

Oh man, Black Mantis is under LITTLE, we have to start the game over

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  1. I love that they both wrote their dad a letter on the windows! We will have to add that to our "Things to do" list! :-) #Learn&PlayLinkup

    1. It was so cute. Alec ended up making two copies of his secret code and they wrote back and forth for a few days!


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