The "Most" posts of 2013

In trying to come up with a way to summarize our 2013 year I was overwhelmed with the sheer number of posts I write in a year!  Today I stumbled upon this blog that summarized the "most" posts of her past year and I just loved that idea-- so I'm copying it and I hope she doesn't mind! 

Post with the Most Clicks--  Model Making, Flubber and Slime.  With 384 page views this was by far my most viewed post.  I can't say I was hugely surprised though, I've noticed that all of my "science" posts tend to get lots of page views.  This amazes me since I think all of our experiments (for lack of a better word) are some of the easiest, most popular ones out there that I typically copy from someone else! 

The post with the Most Comments was really tough... no one really leaves comments yet on my blogs and those times that they do there tend to only be one or two comments (and one of those is typically mine!).  I finally settled on my Thanksgiving Crafts and Worksheets blog post mostly because I'm still trying to figure out what the huge draw was to this post!  It was just another day in the life kind of posts that cataloged the days schoolwork.... to me there wasn't really anything special about it.  Yet, this post had hundreds of page views and was one of the first times a complete stranger posted on my blog.  

The Post with the Most Loved Picture was also really tough-- it's not like anyone votes on it so I was left to make that decision myself.  My blogs tend to have TONS of photographs and while I didn't want to look through them all I did want to find one really great picture that to me signifies my blog the best.  I finally settled on this picture from They're Just Playing.  I love homeschooling best when we're involved in something completely hands on that doesn't look at all like learning-- probably because I know my kids are happy too!   

The Post that was the Most Difficult to Write was probably 99 Unschooling Ideas I didn't come up with anywhere near a million ideas!  I know just about everything is part of unschooling but when it comes to labeling it all I get a bit overwhelmed (which is also why we only almost unschool and combine some traditional learning in our lives too). 

My Most Favorite Post(s) were actually a two part series-- 10 Frequently asked questions about homeschooling and the 10 challenges of unschooling.  These are my favorite two posts mostly because I had lots of fun writing them. 


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