Painting an Australian Sunset with Kids

We will be learning all about Australia for the next few weeks.  My boys are so excited about our latest geography topic.  They chose our destination and we have lots of fun books, movies, art projects, and recipes planned.

Today we read the book-- Wonderful Animals of Australia.  It was a pop up/ action book that Alec in particular just loved.  All the boys loved that the pop up animals moved and, while fairly short, it was very informative.

Alec knew most of the animals already and the other two boys knew quite a few of them too.

Moving pop up book

When we were done, Alec was disappointed that the Sugar Glider was left out of the book.  He knows that most of the animals that are native to Australia are only found in Australia and one of his favorites, the sugar glider, is one of those animals.  Hopefully, we'll come across the sugar glider in some of our other books.

After reading we decided to try one of our art projects.

We painted our background using watercolors.

We started with a large yellow circle in the middle surrounded by sunset colors with a small strip of brown for the ground.

After we set that aside to dry we used a stencil to make our kangaroos.

I found this great printable kangaroo coloring page and once I had printed it out I cut out the mom and baby to make a stencil.

The boys laid the stencil over their backgrounds and colored in the kangaroos with black paint.  Once dry we had our completed Australian Sunset!

Alec's Australia painting

  It was a fun and easy art project!     


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