Self- Guided Learning When Mom's Laid Up

Laid up with a bum foot and a horrible night of sleep I spent the day on the couch.... well, for the most part anyway.

I think it's just about impossible to spend the whole day on the couch when you're home with three boys by yourself.

All three boys asked if they could build another fort in the middle of the living room.  I agreed and they soon set to work dragging in kitchen chairs, blankets galore, and clothespins.  They worked together and had a wonderful fort set up in no time.  They soon applied lots of problem solving skills when the fort caved in or the blankets couldn't stretch far enough apart.  They figured out how to make the most of the space inside the fort and keep all the blankets in place.

They brought down most of their stuffed animals, lots of pillows and blankets to put in the fort and started playing.  It wasn't long before they asked to play with the Kindle, DS's and watch TV/Movies.  I said sure.  Pretty much anything that allowed me to stay on the couch in my PJ's with a blanket on my lap sounded wonderful today! 

Ian came out after a while and asked if he could do an art project today.  He really wanted to paint so I helped him get out some supplies to make some fun Q- tip trees.

He saw this idea on Pinterest, and even though the original page had all the instructions in Spanish it was quite easy to figure out.  As soon as I set out the supplies, I let him be.  He completed the project himself in no time and then was off to watch another episode of Ax Men. 

I did muster up enough strength to make lunches for everyone today and while we ate I read a few books to them.

We read our last few books about insects and bugs in winter called Not A Buzz to be Found and Winter Lullaby.

We loved the illustrations in both of these stories! I can't say we learned much more about bugs in winter since we've already read a few other books but we did enjoy these stories just the same.

Our last story was called The Very First Thanksgiving Day.  It was another beautifully illustrated story with lots of rhythm and rhyme.  We enjoyed comparing this book to the one we read yesterday and applying our knowledge of the Pilgrims to what we were reading today.

Alec played Chess and Nine Men's Morris on the Kindle.

Ian was learning all sorts of geography and "real" world skills in watching Ax Men, Yukon Men, Alaska the Last Frontier and so on. 

 All in all it was a pretty productive day! 

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  1. We slow down and have a quiet day when mom doesn't feel well too! Feel better!

    1. Aw, thank you! I always feel like I need to let the boys take the lead more often; they do such a great job keeping busy when I'm under the weather and I just love watching them discover a new interest.

  2. oh, you had a lovely day there didn't you? Thanks for sharing how you did it.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! We did have a lovely day.


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