Painting Birch Trees

 Ian asked if he could do one of the art projects he picked out on Pinterest the other day.  I had planned to do a project today anyway and was thrilled that he was so interested.

He ended up picking the same project I was thinking about doing today!

We painted birch trees.

We followed the directions of the Doodle All Day website using liquid watercolors and the sunsets were quite vibrant.

I love how they came out!

First we put masking tape where we wanted our trees to be and then we drizzled rubber cement where we wanted some wasps of white in the sky.  Once the rubber cement was dry we used the liquid watercolors to add in our green grass and our colorful sunsets.

While the watercolors were still wet we sprinkled salt on them for a fun speckled look.

Once our backgrounds were dry we rubbed the salt and rubber cement off.

Then we used a plate to spread some black tempera paint on and then used an old credit card to practice scraping on the black paint. Once they thought they had the technique down they added in their trees.

Alec is a natural
Ian making birch lines on his tree
Unfortunately, Evan struggled with using the credit card to make the lines in the birch tree, threw the card full of black paint across the room and quit. (He did try again after a major tantrum, a time out and some lunch).

We added a bit of darker paint near the base of our trees for a shadow and declared our paintings done!

Their finished paintings 
Even Evan's came out just great once he calmed down. 

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  1. What a fun project! I think they all turned out really well. :)



  2. My sister made these years ago (like 30). The painting hangs in my mom's house. I have ALWAYS wondered how she did them. We'll have to give this a try! So cool!! And I have a thrower too. So hard when perfectionism and art mix- for all :)

    1. It is so hard to have perfectionism and art... I don't think it helps that he's the youngest and feels like he can't always measure up to his brothers' attempts either.

  3. I l-o-v-e this idea! That is just so creative! Going to keep that in the tank for a project for myself even!

    1. Thank you! I wish I had joined in with them; I love painting.

  4. What a neat way to do it! We did birch tree paintings awhile ago, using masking tape.

    1. It was a lot of fun; we're always looking for new techniques to try out.


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