Making Yummy No- Bake Thanksgiving Treats With Kids

Once everyone finished their school work for the day we worked on making some yummy Thanksgiving treats.

We always have lots of pies and my kids are not big fans of pie.  They like cookies so when I saw these adorable pilgrim hat and acorn cookies on Pinterest that only required a bit of assembly I thought they were perfect.

Hard at work... so serious! 

We started by unwrapping lots of Hershey Kisses and Reece's Peanut butter Cup Miniatures.

While the boys were unwrapping I prepared three pastry bags of frosting (though you could use a sandwich bag with the corner cut off or even a knife with the frosting).  Once they were ready I quickly demonstrated how to make one of the Pilgrim hats.

We took a fudge stripe cookie and a peanut butter cup and "glued" the peanut butter cup onto the backside of the fudge stripe cookie using  a dot or two of frosting.  They were easy and adorable and all the boys had fun making them.

Pilgrim hat cookies

 For the Acorns we took Bite Size Nilla Wafers, Hershey kisses and Tollhouse morsels.

Using the frosting as "glue" once again we put a dab of frosting on the kiss, adhered it to the bottom of the Nilla wafer and then put a dab of frosting on the top to hold the morsel in place.  Evan was super excited about these cookies since he LOVES Nilla wafers!

Acorn cookies
Of course, we all tried at least one of each just to make sure they were OK to serve to our guests.

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