Bubble Play, Spooky Stories, and Halloween fun

The boys had pulled out their boards, books and supplies and the next thing I knew we were working on science!

Evan's science fair project this year is all about the science of bubbles so he worked on blowing bubbles.

We tried:
  • Blowing large bubbles
  • Making large bubble sculptures
  • Blowing a bubble into a jar and saving it
  • Enclosing a toy in bubbles
  • He covered his hand in bubble solution and managed to put his fist through a large bubble wand full of bubbles.  
Many of our "tricks" failed since we don't have a good quality bottle of bubble solution, but we did come very close with many of them so we're hopeful that with the right bubbles we'll be very successful.  
putting his fist through a bubble film- without breaking it

hiding our turtle in the bubbles

Blowing large bubbles

blowing snake bubbles
 We then read a book about bubbles called Bubbles Float, Bubbles Pop and I had Evan tell me some scientific facts about bubbles that he had learned.  As he recited them to me I typed them up in a word document and we'll print them our for his display board.   The older two boys were very eager to try all the bubble experiments too and we spent a nice portion of the day playing with bubbles. 

The older two boys pulled out their books and asked me to help them type up summaries too.  Ian and I worked on learning how to skim through non- fiction texts for important information as well as summarizing the important information in our own words. We discussed what facts about mummies are related to science versus those related more to one specific mummy or those related to history.  

Ian reads about mummies
Alec helped write up several facts about giant pandas and even started on a few about Lesser pandas until he too decided he had had enough.  I was actually impressed with all that we were able to accomplish on their science projects.  

Alec and Evan asked me if I could read them some stories.  We read a book called Can You See What I See? Out of This World.  It's a picture puzzle book and it took us a long time to read through each page and find all the hidden pictures.  We then read In This Night.  I loved the illustrations in the story and the gradual progression from dusk until dawn.

 After dinner I took the two younger boys to our local library for a night of Spooky Stories.  We sang Halloween themed songs, read Click, Clack, Boo!, and played with bubbles while listening to Halloween songs like Ghostbusters.

The boys were able to make their own trail mix songs using fruit loops, pretzels, M &M's, goldfish and Chex cereal.  They met a new friend and talked his ear off the whole time we were eating snack.  The librarians planned a fun art project for the kids too.  The boys drew a ghost onto black paper and then glued marshmallows, cotton balls and popcorn onto the ghost to make it 3-d.  They played fun games like ring toss, ghost bowling, and pin the face on the pumpkin.  They had so much fun. 
our librarians dressed up and read stories

we played with bubbles

making our craft ghosts

guessing which cup the candy was hidden under

making trail mix snacks

pinning faces on the pumpkins
We ended the night with a fun family special.  Toy Story of Terror was on tonight and we let the boys stay up late to watch this adorable show.  Evan had seen an advertisement for the special when we were on vacation and has been asking about it periodically so I knew he really wanted to watch.  I didn't expect to enjoy it so much myself but it was really cute.


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