Unschooling Disney Day #5-- O' Hana Breakfast, Animal Kingdom & EPCOT

We started our day with another new experience yesterday.  We tried breakfast at O'hana and got to meet Lilo, Stitch, Mickey and Pluto.

It was wonderful.

We all got leis and were led to our seats.

O'hana feeds family style and we had Hawaiian sweet bread, a cinnamon/ raisin bread, guava juice (which all the boys willing tried and Evan and Ian actually liked), scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes that had a nice tangy sweet taste to them, along with bacon, sausage, biscuits and Mickey Waffles.

The food was amazing and we have always loved the fun family atmosphere of O'hana.

The boys eagerly met the characters, scarfed down food and joined in the restaurant wide Conga line complete with instruments.

While waiting for our food the boys watched out the window for some butterflies.  We've been seeing new varieties in Florida and saw some pretty all yellow ones flying by the windows. 

Evan tried a new juice!  My picky eater gives
something new a try!! 

After breakfast we took a bus to the Animal Kingdom.  My boys just love walking around looking at the animals and we often feel like we're in a whole other world while we're there. 

 It is a lot of fun!  

Ian wanted to head right to Expedition Everest so Alec and my mother in law headed to the Finding Nemo Musical show.  The costumes, music and pageantry of the show is amazing, but I too wanted to ride Everest so Ian and I headed onto the ride.  

  • In the waiting area there are tons of items on display about Everest, Nepal, and the surrounding regions.  
  • We see camps, cramp- ons, pictures of local animals, animal scat, etc.  
  • It's very informative, but we didn't have a whole lot of time to look around and read since the line was moving pretty quickly.  

After Everest we took the boys on Kali River Rapids.  Kali River Rapids also takes place in Asia and we see lots of red and gold around, gongs, and carved wall panels.
We then went to Africa and took a ride on the Kilimanjaro Safari which is modeled after the Harambe Wildlife Preserve in Harambe, East Africa.

  • We learn that Jambo means hello.  
  • We saw all sorts of animals and learned much about them.  

After the ride we walked through the African town they have set up and listened to the drumming performers.

We headed over to the dinosaur area of Animal kingdom and rode a few rides there.   Alec rode a roller coaster all by himself for the first time ever.  He's not usually a roller coaster or ride kind of kid but he knew he loved this ride and he asked me if he could go on it all by himself.  He rode a few times with & without me.

One time we met a family from Brazil while riding and tried to communicate with them.  Alec was thrilled that they were from Brazil since he's been studying the country.  It was a lot of fun but the skies were getting dark and it was getting late so we headed out of the park and picked up a bus to Epcot.

It rained a bit on the bus ride over but once at Epcot the rain stopped and we headed to the world showcase.  

We picked up by visiting Canada, heading around the world starting in the opposite direction from yesterday. 
  • We listened to a wonderful band in England
  • Watched street performers in France
  • Watched a candy making demonstration in Japan
  • Watched Chinese acrobats 
  • Finished our night with a true Moroccan feast complete with belly dancers, drummers and delicious food.  
What a wonderful day of culture!  We stopped at all the kidcot stops we had not yet made it to and did two more Agent P missions-- one in Japan and one in China.  

O Canada

the band in England played family favorites like "We Will Rock You"


street performer in France

Candy maker in Japan

Alec was enthralled with her work.. it was amazing! 

the five final pops she made-- unicorn, dragon, flamingo, panda and baby, and a bunny

Agent P mission in Japan


United States

Germany has a small train town

Agent P mission in China

watching the Chinese acrobats

Chinese acrobats were amazing!! 


Eating at Marrakesh
visiting Morocco & wearing the same hats as our waiters 

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  1. The lady making the candy in Japan is so amazing! I just pinned your picture so we can look for her on our next trip. :)


  2. aw...this makes me want to go there so badly!


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