Worm Day Activities

I think it was almost noon by the time I reminded the boys about the library's "worm day" today.  The boys had been busy learning and playing on their own.  T

We weren't sure what worm day was all about, but the two children's librarians had planned a fun themed day around worms today and we were pretty interested to find out what that was all about.

The two older boys were picked to help our librarian with the start of the day.

They acted like a worm and did all sorts of tricks.  For the final trick the worm was going to jump over a boy.  Alec was the backside... he "peed" on the boy the worm was trying to jump over when Alec tipped a small cup of water onto the boys back.  Once the demonstration was over they divided the children off into groups and had 4 different stations set up around the room.

getting their assignment 

Here's the worm 
All the kids thought it was a riot and since it was just a tiny cup with a bit of water inside (and a hot sunny day) the worm's "accident" was no big deal.

After that the kids were broken up into groups and they were free to visit the various stations as they wanted.      

 Station #1  Worm Racing:  For worm racing they set up what looked like a dollar store shower curtain and made a few targets with a start and stop area.  The kids picked actual night-crawler worms and sprayed the targets with water to entice the worms to move into the middle of the targets.  It was funny since most of the worms didn't move all that fast and those that were moving pretty much moved where ever they wanted.   (The librarians made sure to keep the worms nice and wet by misting them with water)

Station #2  Worm painting.  The librarians placed long pieces of yarn into bowls of washable tempera paint and the kids had to use their fingers to pull out a strand of yarn.  Then they wiggled the yarn across their paper to make neat designs. 

Station #3  Build a worm.  The librarians prepared tongue depressors with a magnetic backing and the kids glued pompoms of various sizes onto them.  They also had some sticker googlie eyes in various sizes for the kids to pick from in making their worms.  They came out really cute.

Station #4 Catch a Worm.  There were small dessert plates set up with some gummy worms and topped with piles of whipped cream.  The kids had to line up along the table edge and, with their hands behind their backs, try to dig the worms out of the pile of cream using only their teeth.  Then they then had to put them in their cups.  The first kid to pick out all three worms was the winner.  But, of course, every kid was a winner since they all got to eat the pile of whipped cream and the gummy worms! 

Station #5-- Worm hunt. To finish off the day they had a worm search outside.  The librarians hid little pieces of red and yellow yarn around the yard of the library and all the kids went running and searching for "worms." The team who found the most won.

Impromptu Activity #6 --Worm Tag.  Alec then had the idea to play worm tag.  The librarians thought it was a good idea so Alec went back inside and found a piece of string.  The game is played much like freeze tag except when tagged instead of freezing the person wiggled like a worm (some kids chose to do this sanding up, other chose to drop to the ground a wiggle).   The person with the string was the tagger and anyone who did not have a string could un"worm" the people the tagger tagged.  (OK-- Did you get that at all?!  It's not that easy to explain but it was very easy to play!). 

Activity #7-- Dirt Cake & Books.  Once the kids had sufficiently gotten out all of their energy they assembled everyone back inside and the kids all got a cup of dirt cake and worms and the librarian read a few worm stories to the kids.  She then asked a few comprehension questions about the story and handed out some prizes of t- shirts, water bottles and bags.  Everyone loved the stories-- Diary of a Worm and Worms for lunch.

 A few of the kids headed back outside to play tag again and it was quite some time before we were ready to leave.


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