Mini Van Gogh's; Trying to Paint Like a Master!

Today we were learning all about Van Gogh and decided to try painting like him as well.

We read Getting to Know the Worlds' Greatest Artists :Van Gogh, and watched a quick YouTube video about Van Gogh too.  We were a bit disappointed in the video, don't get me wrong, it was very cute but it cut off at the end before it was really done.

We then moved over to the table to make some Van Gogh inspired paintings.

I found this great watercolor resist project that mimics Van Gogh's Starry Night painting that Ian decided he wanted to try but Alec and Evan chose to do a painting project we found in the Usborne Art Treasury.

I love this book!

It gives a short biography of each artist, a photo of one of their most popular paintings and then a project idea.

Ian sketched a moon and some swirls into the sky using yellow, white, black and gray crayons and then used star stickers to make the sky.  He painted over everything with blue watercolors.

Ian's version of Starry Night

Alec and Evan first sketched a sun, some fields and hills and a few trees before using finger paints, fingers, and brushes to paint their paintings.

Alec's finished landscape
Evan's landscape
Alec really got the swirly effect and was very careful to leave lots of brushstrokes showing with big, bold, swirling strokes.  Ian was a bit disappointed that his crayon resist didn't show up more but he too used circular brushstrokes to mimic Van Gogh.


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