The Day My boys Schooled Me In Bowling

Today we headed out for a fun morning of bowling.  I signed the boys up for our annual free bowling program (all kids can sign up for 2 free games a few times a week through

It took us an hour to play through two games and the boys were really into it.

I even got Alec and Ian to concentrate on trying to roll the ball fairly straight since I warned them that I won't always let them use the bumpers.  I'm ashamed to say they beat the pants off of me!  And while I told them it was because they had bumpers, it's really not.

I can't tell you how many times my ball landed in the gutter because I lost count, though I think the boys were most impressed when the ball slipped out of my fingers and rolled behind me!  Thank goodness the alley was pretty empty.

But the boys had fun and I heard so much math being practiced!  With all the boys trying to figure out how many points they needed on each round to try and get/stay in the lead.

We all managed at least one strike or spare or some combination of both.  We were all super impressed when Alec managed two spares in a row and then a strike latter in the same game-- needless to say he won!

They were laughing, hugging, and ribbing one another during the game.  I try to focus on the times they were smiling and laughing and ignore the bad sportsmanship as best I can because there was a bit of that as well.

Evan has a little dance he does with each ball roll; it cracks up his brothers!

Our first game was fairly close!

Love this photo showing all the fun they were having trying to sit in the same chair!

Ian's big smile after his first strike!

On the way to and from the bowling alley we listened to The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling.  It was a cute story about a boy who loves chocolate so much until he finds out there can be such a thing as too much chocolate.

We've read/listened to all the Magic Tree House books at this point and we're trying to find new and different books on CD to listen to in the car.  The boys enjoyed it so much they wanted me to see if there were any other books like this one; Ian suggested that I look for a Candy Touch book.  I told him I'd try my best!  I'm thinking I'll look and see if they have the Midas touch since Ian loves gold so much.       


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