Junior Zookeepers: Participating in Educational Programs at the Zoo

My boys couldn't wait for 9 o'clock to come around this morning.  We were heading to Southwick's Zoo today for a special program that I had signed them up for called Junior Zookeeping.

Today's class was all about endangered animals.

They ended up being the only three kids signed up for today's class (most likely since most of the area schools are still in session) but they had a ball.

 They wandered around the zoo looking at and talking about the different endangered animals.  From what the boys have told me, the zookeeper was unable to stump them on any questions.  They ended the session with a cute little coloring activity where they each got to color in an animal and create the habitat that the animal would live in.

They had a ball and couldn't wait to tell me everything they did. 

We discovered that the zoo had another new addition- Cheetahs!

We were thrilled to see these new animals and the boys had discovered this morning that the cheetahs had been placed in their habitat yesterday so they really were brand new!

We watched a few shows, had some lunch, played on the playground, and went on a few rides.


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