Painting Like Georgia O'Keefe and Money Experiments

The boys decided to watch Wild Kratts episodes while eating breakfast this morning.  It was pretty late by the time we got started on school, but since we have no official start and end time it doesn't really matter.  As long as we get through most of the work we have planned it's OK!

 We started by reading a few more chapters in Ralph S. Mouse.  While I read, the boys worked in their cursive books and Evan wrote the letter "e" and the words "the" and "no." 
Once reading and writing were over we moved onto math.  Today I read a story called A Dollar, A Penny, How Much and How Many?  We talked about money and how to identify it.  This was a review for Ian but more of a real lesson for Alec and Evan.  The older boys then followed up with a lesson in McRuffy about adding coins.  Alec did amazingly well once he learned to distinguish the coins from one another; he had no problem adding the coins in his head. 
We did a quick science experiment using money as well.

Using pennies, vinegar and paper towels we set up an experiment that I know will turn the pennies green by tomorrow morning.  I found this idea in one of the science books I have but you can find a similar experiment here.

The boys don't know what will happen but I had them make some predictions.  Ian thinks that the paper towel soaked in vinegar is going to turn colors from the copper of the pennies wearing off  them, which is what Alec thinks too (though they both explained it a totally different way).  Evan thought the pennies might get bright, shiny, and clean.  Alec thought the pennies might wear away at the bottom but not at the top.

Within an hour we could start to see a bit of green showing up and they were getting very excited. 

This is what our pennies looked like by the next morning! 

We finished up our day with art.  I read a book called Through Georgia's Eyes about the life and works of Georgia O'Keeffe.  I then handed each of the boys a small canvas  and asked them to think about what they'd like to portray to look like Georgia's work.

I pulled up some websites that displayed her work and Ian and Evan both decided that they'd rather do a landscape.  They ended up deciding on the same landscape: Blue River Print.  Evan was getting frustrated and so when he asked me to help him sketch the painting for him I agreed but left him to paint it on his own.  Ian did the whole thing in it's entirely by himself.  They came out pretty good too.

Ian and Evan's finished pictures
Alec choose to do a flower and used one of the roses he bought me for mother's day as his study.  He drew the flower petals very painstakingly and was upset when he finished drawing and found that he still hadn't drawn it quite large enough to fill the entire canvas.  So he made the bottom of the canvas white like the napkin the rose was lying on.

He had some difficulty painting and shading the flower too but over all it came out fantastic!

They really seemed to enjoy trying to copy a master so I think we'll be doing this a bit more.   While they were working I also pulled out The Children's book of Art by Usborne and we read the page on Georgia and looked at her Abstraction White Rose

Alec's finished work... a rose in bloom!


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