A new playground: Combining Traditional Schoolwork with Unschooling

We decided to try and combine some traditional schoolwork with a but of unschooling again today.  We're finding having a few set subjects to cover together and then lots of free play time is working out wonderfully.

The boys all began their day playing with pattern block and some pattern block worksheets I found. It was pretty late before anyone had breakfast.  It took Evan the longest to fill in the sheets, but while he may have worked slowly he was very methodical, making sure every piece was just right.  He was so proud of himself and how they came out that I wasn't allowed to clean anything up until daddy came home and saw them. 

Evan's hard at work

We watched one episode of How The States Got Their Shapes.  They seemed to enjoy it too but after the first episode ended they asked to watch some more Liberty's Kids instead. 

Liberty's Kids - The Complete Series

 We started reading Ralph S. Mouse by Beverly Cleary.  They all loved the mouse and the motorcycle so much that I offered to find books like it for them; I had no idea it was a three book series.

I was feeling kind of bad that I haven't planned any art activities in a while, but I guess I needn't have worried.  As I was packing lunches and sent the boys upstairs to get dressed and ready for the day, Alec decided to start a craft project.

He pulled out his duct- tape crafts book and started making a heart pillow.  He needed a bit of help here and there finding materials or understanding the directions but for the most part he was on his own.  He got it half done and so far it looks great.

Alec's 1/2 pillow

The other two boys started playing Lego's together and came up with some wonderful creations.  I knew Ian was great at making up things with his Lego's but I was really surprised by Evan's plane that he made up.  They had a ball! 

Evan's plane
Ian's carrier

Ian's double sided jet

We headed out to have a picnic lunch at a new park in a nearby town.  We were meeting up with our homechool group and the boys were excited about seeing their friends.

 It was hot and very sunny but the boys happily played for over 2 hours.  I barely saw my kids; thank goodness I had drinks and food or I wouldn't have seen them at all.

Through our homeschooling group we're finding all sorts of new parks and playgrounds to check out!  I had no  idea just how many we had around us.

   It was another great day combining just a bit of schoolwork with a whole lot of fun.

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  1. There are so many learning activities and we have found that our lives become a series of learning experiences.... even for fun. :)

  2. We take a pretty simikar approach to learning, a few formal lessons mixed in with lots of hands on life learning :-)

    And we enjoy How The State Got Their Shapes too.

    1. We have found that through the years it's just what works best for us. I thought we were going to be the formal schooling type but we're just not; and that's OK! :)


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