A Much Needed Break-- Taking a Day with Our Homeschool Friends

We headed out for a fun beach/ park play date with our homeschool group.

We were meeting at a local lake and the older two boys already had bathing suits on with the intention of swimming.   They swam, ran, hiked, biked, played and yelled.

 It was such a wonderful afternoon.

Relaxing with our friends, making plans for the weeks and month to come, comparing homeschooling notes and realizing that kids and parents are all pretty much alike when it comes right down to it.

While we have many families that we are friendly with; families that have children in public school, families that attend private school, and families who have young children.

There is something to be said for hanging out with other homeschooling families though.

As much as all of our friends and families members do seem to support us, I often don't feel like I can really express my fears and concern.  Mostly, I just don't think they'd really understand.

There is something so comforting in starting to voice aloud a fear or a frustration and having another mom finish the sentence while nodding along.

There is invaluable advice in listening to those homeschooling moms who have been there, tried a few solutions, and have some pointers, tips or words of encouragement.



  1. I'm very far behind on replying to comments and visiting new bloggers to me but I wanted to thank you for coming over to Marmelade Gypsy and leaving a kind comment. It sure looks like you had a terrific day -- and everyone deserves a day out (especially as the school year end approaches!) ~jeanie

    1. Absolutely! It's hard to keep at those books when the sun and sand are calling. It's one of the reasons I am so glad we homeschool; we have plenty of time to take days off and enjoy a nice slow journey.


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