Two New Parks in Two Days!

It's so fun to see the boys' eyes light up when we stumble upon a new park and playground!  We've been lucky enough to try two new parks in the last two days.

It seems like my boys play longer and harder trying out all the new things they find than when we keep revisiting the same old parks.

We ended up checking out a playground near one of the local public schools and the boys had so much fun playing for almost 2 hours.  They ran, jumped, climbed, shot baskets, etc.  It was a wonderful way to spend our afternoon: enjoying and learning about the benefits of fresh air, developing gross motor skills,  and using their social skills.

 They were all tuckered out from all the fresh air and it was a nice quiet night.
We woke this morning and immediately started packing the car and our lunches to meet up with our homeschool group at another new park for us.

We knew that this park had swings, a playground, a place for bikes, basketball hoops and sand but other than that we weren't sure what to expect.

We were the first family to show up.  Ian started shooting hoops and I was impressed to see that he got most of his shots to go through the hoop.

The two younger boys headed right for the climbers and started climbing webs, going down the slides and trying out all those fun little nooks and crannies kids playgrounds have.   We weren't sure how many people would come to play, but tons of families showed up; a few of whom we hadn't met before.  That didn't stop all the kids from playing together though.

It's always nice to meet new friends and I find we meet more people now that we're homeschooling than we ever did when the boys were in school.

We played for well over 2 hours again and if the sun had stayed shining or the wind had died down I'm sure we would have stayed even longer. 

The boys rode bikes. climbed, slide, swung, ran and made up games to play with all the other kids. 


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