Afternoon delight: Making the most of those early spring days.

A picnic outside; what a great idea on a sunny, warm spring day!  We try to take advantage of the nice weather once it arrives for spring and spend lots of time outside.

We carried our food outside and I read them a few chapters in James and the Giant Peach.  It's moments like that; moments that are so perfectly wonderful that make me so glad we've attempted this whole homeschooling endeavor.

Perfect memories of childhood we'll all share together of idyllic days of picnics, reading and fun. 

We really enjoyed being out in the fresh air so the boys decided to stay outside.  Evan rode his bike and Ian and Alec had swinging contests to see who could swing the highest and/or the fastest. 

We found this cute baby snapping turtle on our lawn and helped him to the water's edge
They put on shorts and played down by the water.  They were shoveling, and playing and all getting along... then I looked up and they were in the water!

They stayed along the edge of the lake trying to catch frogs, fish, worms and turtles.  I tried telling them it was too cold to be in the water so they put on rain boots.  They splashed and ran and soon even their shorts were wet.

They asked if they could put on their bathing suits so they didn't get their clothes wet.  I agreed and then watched in amazement as the boys dove into the water and swam around.  It was freezing and they were gasping for air.

 I couldn't believe it!

I figured they'd see how cold it was and decide to come back out, but no.  They dragged out flippers, snorkels, goggles, water guns and everything.  They played for just a bit until the clouds filled up the sky and then we all agreed it was time to clean up, dry off and go inside.

 I'm always torn when something like this happens.

Do I give in to the old wives tale that they'll catch their death being outside, being wet and being cold?

 Do I just let them be and play and explore like they want?

Today, I decided to throw caution to the wind and let them play.


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