When Winter Weather Keeps Us Stuck Inside

Boy! Mother Nature sure does have a way of messing with our plans.  We were hoping to go on a field trip today but knew that probably wouldn't happen with the weathermen predicting yet another winter storm.  I was disappointed when I woke to sound of ice pinging off the window.  Guess the weathermen were right and mother nature strikes again.

With a wintry mess outside our windows we decided to play games, watch movies, work on our geography fair boards, and use our imaginations!

The boys watched Alaska's Inside Passage on DVD for a bit and we printed out a map for each of them to color and use on their geography fair boards.

Alaska: The Inside Passage

The boys worked on coloring in their maps and watching two different Florida movies; Travel with Kids: Florida (a series of shows we just love), and one just called Florida. 
We attached our maps, flags and cut- out words to our boards; adjusting the layouts we came up with yesterday.  We were having hard time making things fit where we had planned so we adjusted those plans.  The boys love how the boards are looking so far and I love that they're 1/3 of the way done!

 Ian and Evan decided to go outside and shovel while Alec played with his Mario characters some more.  We have a small room in our basement that the boys aren't normally allowed in, however, once Alec realized the heating duct in the playroom was just a hole cut into the floor that dropped straight down  into the room below he asked if he could pretend it was a pipe to the cloud world like in the game Mario Bros.

I told him he could play in their as long as he only touched his characters.  He set up some blankets and pillows on the floor to cushion the toys fall (since they do tend to break rather easily) and then played for hours by himself imagining all sorts of wonderful adventures for his Mario characters.  He has such a wonderful imagination!  If I could get him over his dislike of actually writing he could write some amazing stories.  
The boys didn't last very long outside since it was mostly ice and freezing rain.

 They played Twister for a bit and then Alec wanted to try and play chess.  He is obsessed with the game lately.

Classic Twister

They then went on to play many more games; The Cat in the Hat I Can do that!Connect Four, etc.

 Our day of learning was a far cry from the one that we had planned but it was a lot of fun anyway.        


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