How we Pack Our Day Full of Science Discoveries

My boys just love science!  They continually ask for fun science experiments, watch movies about animals, nature and science and read about all sorts of science concepts through our books.

Today the boys begged to watch the Science of Disney Imagineering videos so we ended up spending our morning learning about gravity, fluids, and energy.

The Science of Disney Imagineering: Gravity Classroom Edition [Interactive DVD]

The Science of Disney Imagineering: Energy Classroom Edition [Interactive DVD]

The Science of Disney Imagineering: Fluids Classroom Edition [Interactive DVD]

I think they were still disappointed that they were only able to watch them each once though.  At one point they stopped the movies and gathered up all their stuffed animals and blankets and brought them downstairs.  They spread out all the blankets & set up their animals so that their animals could watch too.

My boys spent the afternoon at their Mad Science camp learning all about the science behind crime scene investigation.

When I picked them up they were all excited to tell me about the mock crime scene that was set up with "police line do not cross" tape and that they read a story about solving crimes.

They talked about evidence, fingerprinting and photographing the crime scene.  They thought this was awesome!

They got a kit to take home where they can fill in their name, D. O. B., hair & eye color, height and weight, fingerprint themselves (including the ink set) and keep a lock of their hair.  Evan sat right down and got to work as soon as we walked in the door.

Alec found a new series of books to read at our library.   He had discovered the author Sandra Markle a while back and just loves her series.  She has a few but his favorites are the animal predators, animal scavengers, and animal prey series.

He just loves them and he can read an entire book in under 20 minutes.  These are the books Alec has read today.  Lucky for us he gets so excited about what he's reading that he can't help but share all these wonderful facts with us!

On any given day we might be:
  • Planting seeds and studying plant growth.
  • Taking a nature hike.
  • Mixing up play- dough, goop, silly putty, or some other concoction.
  • Baking up something yummy in the kitchen!
  • Running candy experiments
  • Watching movies like Wild Kratts, Magic School Bus, or Bill Nye.
  • We check out tons of science experiment books from our library and do as many experiments as we can.
  • Checking out objects under our microscope or using a magnifying glass.
These are just a few of the ways that we include science in our everyday lives; and I let the boys interests, questions, and ideas guide us in what we'll be learning about next.


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