Eggcitement is just too much! Tie Dyed Easter Eggs

I mentioned to the boys that I had hoped to dye Easter eggs today and they were all excited. They were even more so once I told them we weren't going to be using a kit but some shaving cream and food coloring.

I had stumbled upon the idea of using shaving cream & liquid food coloring to make Easter eggs a while ago on Pinterest.

The boys loved swirling the colors but had a hard time not mixing them so much that they became muddy.

This was by far the most messy form of egg dying we've ever attempted.  Their hands (and even some parts of their arms) are stained with food coloring too!

But they loved it.

We set our eggs aside to dry for a few hours (or perhaps overnight since some had lots of shaving cream left on them) and we'll try rubbing the shaving cream/dye off later.

Using small disposable trays I gave each boy a huge dollop of shaving cream (if you would like to eat the eggs after dying I would suggest using whipped cream or cool whip).

They each dropped a few dots of a couple different colors of food coloring onto the shaving cream and swirled it around a bit with a wooden skewer.  Then they dipped their eggs into the shaving cream and swirled the egg all around.


I forgot to take an after photo! But here is a look at some we did a few years later using cool whip and food coloring.


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