A science kind of day

Today's focus was on science and fun.  We try to have days each week where we focus on subjects other than math & reading, like history, geography, art, and science. 

My boys started the day taking turns on the computer playing Wild Kratts on Pbskids.org and those that were waiting for a turn played with Beyblades.  

I asked them what they were learning playing with Bey's or what science- type things they were using. 
  • They excitedly told me that they were using force to get the Beyblades moving
  • That objects in motion stay in motion unless acted upon by another force; like another Beyblade crashing into it.  
  • When they crash it makes them start to wobble and loose momentum.  
  • They also told me that's because for every action there is a reaction
I was very impressed that they were applying most of what they've been learning through these Disney Imagineering movies to their play!  What a great way to start our day!
After breakfast I pulled a bunch of kits and boxes off the toy shelf in the playroom.  We have so many games, kits, and boxes piled on our shelves it's often hard to see what we have.

Ian and Alec zeroed in on the crystal growing kit and worked on making two crystals today.  Ian got frustrated and left, but Alec would have gladly sat there all day pouring one solution after another content to wait and see if they worked or not. 

Ian came upstairs and built himself a strong Lego bridge; he was intrigued with the idea when I mentioned having a Lego building challenge the other day but could not get his brothers to participate with him.

 He finally decided to just challenge himself.  He was able to balance 4 large bins of Lego's on top of the bridge.  He made a two- decker bridge with ramps and everything.  Last I heard, he was hard at work turning that bridge into a transformer. 

Evan had a nice long bath this morning while playing with all his animals, making water slides and stuff for them.  I hate to admit it, but he kept asking me to get animals for him and I didn't know them all!  I know the basic animals but when he asked me for the sperm whale I seriously had to stop and ask him which one that was!

I am always so amazed by how deeply my boys absorb the information around them that means the most to them and I love watching them apply it to their lives.



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