The Importance of Reading Aloud

I was just thinking this morning how much less I read aloud since we started Unschooling and I really don't like that.

If I'm reading less, so are they!

Then Evan came over with a book and asked me to read to him.

 I stopped what I was doing and said "sure!"  We really enjoyed reading When the Library Lights Go Out.  

It's nice to steal away a moment or two of one- on- one time with any of my boys when the opportunity presents itself.

I've always enjoyed reading aloud and, as a former teacher, know that reading aloud is so important!

Through listening to an adult read aloud a story children:

  • Develop listening skills.
  • Learn a lot of new language and vocabulary words.
  • Learn to love books and stories. 
  • Gives children background knowledge and a chance to learn new facts.  My boys often want to delve deeper into science or history topics that are brought up in one book. 
  • Learn how expression and tone is applied to the written word. 
  • Learn important life lessons-- I purposefully pick books that allow us to discuss a persons actions and often turn it over to the kids to think about how that applies to their own lives. 
  • That everyone makes mistakes!  My kids are hesitant to read out loud and get it wrong but they learn that I often make mistakes when I'm reading aloud too.  Everyone does.
  • Find new authors and book series to enjoy
  • Bond with that adult.  Reading together brings us closer together. 
Most children can listen and understand a book written at a much higher level than they could read on their own.  So I tend to read aloud books that my boys would find intimidating to read on their own.  Waiting for them to ask me to read though, isn't really working for us.

My boys do love to read and picked out a bunch of books at the library.  Alec and Ian read to themselves a lot now but somehow it's just not the same as snuggling up together and reading out loud.

I miss it and I thought if I do they probably do too.  So I thought I'd talk to the boys about this and see what they had to say.

Ian told me he doesn't miss reading together at all; he's rather read to himself in his head (yeah, try not to cry at that!  He's really growing up.  He said it just like that too!).

Alec and Evan told me they only miss us reading at night before bed; not the ones I used to read during the school day.  I reminded them that we ask most every night and they always choose toys or TV over books at bed.   They're going to try getting better about that so they can have their books back and I'm so glad (though Alec did warn me that he'd only ask sometimes and still choose screens other times... since he reads to himself for at least 30 minutes after bed I'm not going to push it).

I think there's something so relaxing about snuggling in bed just mom, dad, and child to read a nice story before bed but I don't want to force it.

 I have noticed that my boys are reading aloud more often too.  Just today, Alec read another life cycles book; some parts of it out loud and I was surprised to learn that even rats can get stuck in pitcher plants in the rain forest.  I knew bugs did but I had no idea mice and rats did too.

I love when they teach me things!

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  1. Reading together is so important. I still love reading aloud to my big kids when we're all together. :-)
    I'm stopping by from the Hip Homeschool Hop.

  2. I completely agree! Reading to them early greatly impacts their IQ and development. Great post. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Reading aloud is definitely a wonderful thing. We read lots of books to my oldest from a very young age, and I credit much of her early talking & reading to that. Thanks so much for sharing at the #happynowlinkup!


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