Done Disney! My Last 2 Disney Scrapbooking Pages

OK, I think I am all done our Disney pages, as of this morning when I whipped up two more pages.... two more last pages.

I know I talk a lot about Stampin Up! products but I'm not a demonstrator nor am I all that brand- choosy.  I will use anything and everything on a scrapbook page.  I have a whole room filled with products-- big shot, Cricut, stamps, paper of all sizes, colors and patterns, ribbon, Clip it up (filled with Jolee's Boutique and other assorted stickers), etc.

Scrapbooking and paper crafting is my passion and I can't say I have a favorite anything!  Can you?

If there is some product you just LOVE and can not live without please leave a comment.

 I'm always looking for new things!

Anyway, onto today's pages. 

I had the "Magical Memories" banner title left over from a Disney scrap kit and that's where the whole inspiration for the page came from.  

I pulled a light blue/gray sheet of 12x12 paper out and using a dark blue/gray page cut a 8.5 x 8.5 square.  I cut all the pictures to 4x4 and mounted them on the dark blue square.  I then decided to cut a 8.75" square of white paper to make it "pop."  I laid the title and the mounted pictures on the background paper and knew it needed something else.  I decided to back the title with the dark blue paper as well and then used a few white ribbon scraps behind it.  Lastly, I decided to play up the stars on the title and pulled out my Cricut with it's George and Basic Shape cartridge and cut out 6 stars; 2 of each in the 1",1.5" and 2" sizes.  I like things to sparkle (especially stars) so I sued some of Stampin Up!'s Crystal Effects and Dazzling Diamond glitter to the edges of the stars.  Rather than a traditional journaling block I wrote a few quick reminders on the stars. 

This next page, I just love!  

Probably more because of the actual pictures than the page itself.  I love those unplanned moments in our trip when something memorable happens out of the blue.  It's even better when I have my camera handy to snap a few pictures.  

We were waiting on Main Street for the parade to start on a drizzly cool day, eating some snacks.  My kids discovered those sugar straws at Disney on our first trip and look forward to them every time we go on vacation (they even scout them out when we're not at Disney now!).  Ian had just finished his as the parade was approaching and his blue/green tongue and teeth attracted a LOT of attention.  He loved getting to talk to the characters and boy did they make him laugh!  The best was when this "ugly stepsister" (sorry I don't know her name-- I have three boys so the whole princess thing was never very popular in this house) stopped and in all seriousness asked him "who did this to you?  What happened?"  He laughed and said it was his sugar stick.  "Sugar stick; that sounds good.  Was it good?"  Yep he says.  He then really laughed when she ran off yelling to her "mother" and "sister"  "This boy had a sugar stick.  That sounds good I want a sugar stick." 

 I don't know if my kids are just extra lucky or what but we always seem to have characters stop and talk to us or pull them out to participate during parades and shows.  

It's great! 


OK, I'm sure you're thinking enough already, what did you use to make the page?  The background paper I actually got as a spiral bound bundle at our hotel store at Port Orleans.  I'm always looking for scrappin' things as we're on vacation.  I'm not a huge souvenir fan; my money is spent on the actual pictures and the scrapbooking supplies.  I thought this page was just adorable and with Goofy's arm full of snacks, it seemed pretty appropriate too.  I used royal blue and white paper to mount the photos on to and for my journaling block too.  I then used a scrap of white and my Cricut with it's George and Basic shape cartridge to cut out the words.  It was a super quick, easy, page.  They aren't always though and I have plans soon to write up a blog showing my top 10 favorite pages of all time (so far!). 



  1. Great pages! I used to do physical scrapbooks when my daughter was little, but now I can't seem to get it all together to create it. I lean toward digital scrapbooks and a family blog now to record our adventures. I love that you are doing it though, nothing can quite replace the love that goes into creating a physical scrapbook.

    1. Thank you! I have been thinking of digital scrapbooking more and more too; I love the textures and elements of putting the physical pages together but it is getting harder and harder to find the time.


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