Sick Days

 It actually has become a rarity rather than routine for us to have a sick day around our house.

Typically, in years past, we have spent the winter months with sickness after sickness and child after child getting ill.

There was one year that I only worked 4 weeks between February and June.  Last year Ian missed the entire month of Dec. and had his tonsils out in Jan.

We've spent many Christmases in the ER with children who have had high fevers or difficulty breathing. 

That seems to have changed since we started homeschooling (and I say this lightly and superstitiously have knocked on wood!).  I can't say they never get sick anymore but it sure seems to be less frequent.

Perhaps it is because they are older.

Perhaps it is because Ian had his tonsils out.

Perhaps it is because we have just been lucky so far this year.

I don't really know why that is, but I do know it's not that we've become anti-social or have locked ourselves up at home.  We have had regular homeschool group meetings, holiday parties with family and friends, birthday parties, etc.  But perhaps not being in a classroom, unable/unwilling to open windows and properly disinfect, with 20-30 other kids has helped.

 I really don't know and I certainly am not complaining. 

Even though I do try to keep my kids away from people who we know are sick, I do think it's inevitable that they will get sick on occasion.

We are often around children who have sick siblings at home or, in the way of many children, play with those who don't yet know they are sick.  But one thing I realized today, that while it's still not fun, I'm not as stressed out about having a sick child/ sick day.

 I don't have to stress over how I'm going to get siblings to and from school while towing a sick child around, I don't have to worry about making up missed assignments afterwards and all that they are missing, I don't have to worry that a sibling will get sick at school while I'm home dealing with this sick child, I don't have to worry about my job or letting someone down when I'm stuck at home.

I still worry it will get worse, or that they'll continue to pass it around to one another, but I don't have to worry about how long it will take for us all to get healthy again.  I'm not missing work and they aren't missing school work.

While we are having a day off and I'm sure they'll be watching screens, that's OK.  I set the schedule around here and as of right now we're on hiatus from school and the only job they have is to get healthy again and to take care of one another.
I'm going to go sit on the couch, snuggle up with a blanket and watch movies with my son.  After all misery loves company right?


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