Puppet Fun with Feelings

We headed out for a super fun home school group meeting at a local library where the theme for today was "puppets."

We started out the meeting in a big circle and the kids had to introduce themselves and tell one fact about themselves.  After they each had a turn they picked a puppet from the pile and had to give the puppet a name and tell one fact about their puppet.  Then they each took a turn saying something in their puppet's voice.  It was really cute.

Many of the kids had the giggles and were quite squirmy so we got up to play a few movement games.  They had to act out feelings for others to guess, then they acted out feelings as someone called out a feeling.  It was really fun.

They read a book Today I feel Silly and Other Moods That Make My Day and then they all got to make a paper lunch bag puppet.

 My two older boys were the only two who decided to make their own puppet from scratch rather than use a template and I was pretty impressed with how they came out. 

Ian's rock star and Alec's lesser panda 

Ian made a man playing a guitar and Alec made a Lesser Panda (no one in the group knew what kind of animal it was so Alec gave a mini- lesson on the Lesser Panda).  They then sang Old McDonald had a farm and all the kids took a turn making the sounds of their animal when it came to them (Ian's was a guitar playing farm hand and Alec choose to have the panda make a munch/ crunch sounds like it was eating bamboo).

The kids all played a few rounds of the Hokey Pokey, a few rounds of Simon Says and a version of musical chairs.  It was lots of fun and they made some new friends once again.



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