Santa Themed Reading, Writing, and Math Activities

We had such a fun day of schooling planned.  I love it when I can pair a fun children's book with a writing craftivity!  

But first I wanted to share what a great time we had last night at our local library making gingerbread houses. I was amazed at the turnout!  The boys were very excited to spot many friends and former classmates.  They did a great job on their houses too. 

We got a late start to our day but the boys have been asking me to do a writing activity.  Yes, you read that right, my boys WANT to write.  

We read Santa's Stuck by Rhonda Gowler Greene.  It's a funny book about Santa eating too many snacks and getting stuck in the chimney.  

We made our own chimney/ Santa art and wrote up a quick sentence or two about what we'd do if Santa was stuck in our chimney.   Please excuse the cardboard background, but they're still drying.  

We painted the bricks using brown paper, a rectangle sponge and red paint.  

We then used a strip of black for the chimney top that we painted with leftover puff paint from painting our snowmen yesterday and added glitter to.  They came out great and the answers were hilarious! 

Ian would have "him sniff a cookie to make him com down the chimney and go out the door."

Alec would scare Santa by telling him there was a carnivore behind him!
Evan would call on family members to help him push Santa up. 

We started reading the Bailey School Kids- Reindeer Do wear Striped Underwear this morning.  I'm having Alec and Ian take turns reading it aloud to Evan and I.  They did a wonderful job.  Evan begged to read another Bob's Book.

For math I found this free printable that I was able to use for all three boys. That never happens!

Ian dropped pom poms onto two numbers and multiplied

Evan matched the number to the word; so his was math and reading combined!
Alec dropped two pom poms and added the numbers

Then we'll finish up our day watching The Santa Clause.

The Santa Clause (Full Screen Special Edition)

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