Bright Lights: Adding Chrsitams Traditions to our Homeschooling Schedule

We've been doing a pretty good job of combining our traditional schoolwork while still mixing in some fun holiday treats, books, and activity ideas.  Today we had trampoline class in the middle of our day so had a shortened day of school but we still managed to cover most subjects and have lots of holiday fun.

Math: Ian did a page in his Mcruffy math book, Alec filled out an addition Christmas tree  and Evan did a dot- to- dot that went up to 45 that made a train.

Reading:  Evan also read the first 4 Bob's books to me.  We sat down altogether and finished reading Reindeer Do Wear Striped Underwear, Moostletoe, and Merry Christmas Grumpy Bunny.  We've had so much fun adding in some fun and cute Christmas stories into our days.  We also started a new chapter book called Time Warp Trio Tut Tut (about a trio of boys who travel back in time to the ancient pyramids).

Life Skills-- We packed up and headed to the library.  I had only planned on dropping off our books and picking up the three or four we had on hold but the boys all wanted to look around.  Our short trip took almost an hour but I couldn't complain.  Ian used the on- line catalog to look up materials and request material from other libraries-- ALL by himself.  Alec headed into the stacks and we never heard from him until I went looking.  He was lying on the floor in the non- fiction animal section with books scattered all around him and he was half- way through one book reading away.  Evan needed my help to find books and wanted to read about arctic animals.  I was thrilled since that's what we've been learning about anyway.  He checked out a bunch of books on polar bears and arctic foxes.  We're going to start learning about Texas so I had a few books on reserve and as we're checking out I told the boys that was going to be the next state we learn about.  I asked if they knew were Texas was and Alec told me it was down near the bottom of the map near the Gulf of Mexico!  I was impressed since we didn't have any map or anything near us and he just remembered that. (geography!)
Physical Education: We headed to trampoline and while the two older boys learned a few new skills, Evan and I played Sorry!  I was really impressed with his sportsmanship.  Evan is not one of those kids who gets real upsets if he looses.  He ended up winning the game, but for most of the game it looked like he was going to loose.  He happily played anyway and I've noticed how much he's improved in his skills.  He now has hardly any problems with one to one correspondence when moving his pawn around the board.  He knows all the numbers (except for 12; which he kept calling 21).  Once we played a round he asked if he could use my Kindle and he turned on my drawing app and asked me to tell him some letters so he could practice writing them (extra math and writing practice). 
Writing/ Language arts: Ian used his extreme dot- to- dot book in the car and I had printed out a holiday mad libs sheet for him to fill out.  Alec had a Polar Express word search and another mad libs sheet so they kept each other busy on the way to the store filling in the mad libs.  They're really trying hard to remember the terms verb, adjective, and noun.  Once they filled them in, they read them out loud for us all to get a good laugh.

Once home, Ian and Alec each worked on a page in their cursive books while Evan put together a story sequence of the Polar Express.  Other than reading the strips to him a time or two, since he's just barely starting to read, he didn't really need my help with this activity.  He remembered all the events in the story and added more details himself as he was telling me what happened in the story.
Making Family Memories: Once home they quickly changed into Pj's and we packed dinner to eat in the car on the way to a a park FILLED with holiday lights.   The Bright Lights at Forest Park was a new experience for all of us.  We packed hot chocolate and cookies and drove through the park nice and slowly looking at all the beautiful Christmas lights.  It was a great family night out for the holidays and the boys had so much fun.  We listened to Christmas carols and sung along with the radio.  I was surprised to find that the boys know most of the words to many Christmas songs. 

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