To Each His Own; Allowing Each of My Son's to Make and Follow Their Own Learning Plan

Each boy will be following his own lesson plan today and for the rest of the week; or at least that's our plan.

So far it's working really well.

Evan has been using our Leapfrog Tag reading system to read books to himself.   He willingly wrote his own thankful leaf (and tried to spell the word by himself!), and he, of course, asked to do a dot- to -dot.   He quickly finished all his work, all by himself!
We have a homeschool science fair coming up this week so Ian asked me to help him write up a short report to go along with his experiment of a homemade lava lamp.  Once Ian was finished he decided to pull out his McRuffy book for math and we discovered he was due for a test.  He willingly took the test and got a 93!  I was so proud of him.

While he was taking his test Evan asked to do his science fair project so we made a tornado in a jar and he helped me write up a summary to go with it.  Ian finished up his morning by reading Curious George and the Dump Truck and filling out his thankful leaf.

Alec had his thankful leaf all filled out before I had even come downstairs this morning.  I was so surprised because he's usually the one that takes the longest to get ready for school.  He likes to lay around in his pajamas and take his time waking up.

He decided he wanted to do an addition/ subtraction & color worksheet for math and then read Sharks!  He'll work on his science fair project after lunch.  He's making a sedimentary stacker so it should go pretty quickly and then I'll help him type up a little summary to go with it too but probably not until tomorrow. 

Then watch them settle and separate
I am loving how motivated and excited they are to guide their own learning.  I'm not sure how long this will last as we've tried this a few times in the past but I am going to enjoy it for however long it does last. 


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