Homeschooling with Games Galore!

Some days when no one really feels like "doing" schoolwork, I like to pull out a stack of games and have a gameschooling day.  Today was one of those days.

Evan and I played tic- tac- toe sight words this morning.  

I printed out this blank tic tac toe template then filled it in with a few sight words.  It's played just like regular tic- tac- toe but in order to cover the sight word he had to read it to me first (since he's very new to sight words I coached him quite a bit) and we had fun.  

  He knew yes, mom, dad, red and go!  I had no idea he knew that many words. 

Ian and I played a multiplication dice game.  We had to roll two dice and cover up the answer on the the board.  The object was to be the one to get the most covered.  It was great practice and sure beat writing down all the multiplication facts.

Everyone wanted to play Alec's math memory game; Match 10.

We've played this before, it's played with the number cards 1-9 out of the Uno deck and you try to flip over two cards that match to 10.  We had a lot of fun, and Ian ended up winning by the last two matches. 

not a match 
Evan and I played Dinosaur Train to work on numbers.  It's a traditional board game that we got a long time ago but I thought it was a fun way to teach him to recognize the numbers he spins and to use one to one correspondence to move his dinosaur along the trail.

We also played a 123 Go Diego Go game since he asked. 

I love that we can cover just about every school subject using games and fun!

Oftentimes we just pick out board games and play them as is, but with a little creativity I really can cover just about any elementary school subject using games (like taking those Uno cards and making it a math lesson)!

What are your favorite games to play?


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