Happy Thanksgiving!

No, I didn't forget that today is only Wednesday, but I will not be blogging tomorrow since we are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our house and I'll be busy cooking up a storm and spending time with my family.

I love this time of year. 

I just love to cook and entertain.  Yes, it requires a lot of time and effort on my part but I don't mind.  This year, so far anyway, it's actually been easier.  Yes, you heard me right, easier.  It's the first year I've had the boys home with me and I've been giving them all jobs.

  • They've helped clean the whole house
  • We got out early and went grocery shopping while the stores were somewhat empty.
  • They've helped prepare much of the food and even decide on the menu. 
  • I had them help set the dining table

We have everything planned out, written down, and even had extra time to visit friends.

Yesterday, we took time away from our holiday planning and we went to visit friends.  They occupied themselves on the long car ride by playing math bingo, the 50 states game on my Kindle as well as temple run, and where's my water? Mostly though they played toys and listened to the radio, singing along with the songs.

Our friends have a new baby in their house and I took the time to really show the boys how tiny babies can be.  It's been a long time since we've had a newborn around here and so I took off the baby's socks and showed them each the tiny feet and toenails, the tiny fingers and fingernails.  I explained to them that they were all once that size too.  I really thought they wouldn't care or would have said that they already knew that, but all of them looked amazed at that fact.

They soon lost interest though and then they tried their hand at playing Foosball, air hockey, and bey blade battles.  They played Star Wars and chased each other around with helmets and toy guns.  They rode bikes and scooters.  It was great fun.  Alec even found a Ninjago book to read while we were there.  It was a wonderfully relaxing day.    
Today we read a bunch of books:

We finished up our thankful tree and it looks nice and full with all the leaves back on it.

And we're taking it easy, knowing that all we have left to do is to actually cook up the food.


  1. How fun! My two boys are teenagers now, and your description of a day with littles makes me miss those days! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you! Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving as well.

  2. Those books look great. I am always on the hunt for good ones so I will have to check them out.

    1. Glad I could help. We're always looking for new books too.


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