4 Hour hike-- Wordless Wednesday On a Monday

Yesterday, my husband and I took the two younger boys on a hike through the woods to a relative's house.  It took us a good 3 hours to hike to her house even though it's really not that far away (we came home on the road and it only took us about 20- 30 minutes).

Part of the length of our hike is due to the fact that the kids don't walk that fast and they often stop to look at everything around them.  To me that's a huge part of the hike.  They learn so much by observing nature.  We also stopped by a pond to have our lunch on a rock.  It was a beautiful day for hiking!

a hollow tree that they thought was interesting

Running along the top of a dam at the pond

A brook the boys asked me to take a picture of
An old forwarder left by the loggers

The kids find a downed tree and play with the clay underneath

"It looks like a mail box!"
An old stone foundation; perfectly intact

perhaps a root cellar?! 


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