Halloween Homeschool day #3

With a fall hike planned for the day, we started our schooling bright and early with a science experiment.

Today we made Alien Monster Eggs.  I found this idea at the kitchen pantry scientist again and just loved it.

The boys quickly (and carefully!) drew eyes onto raw eggs.

We put them in a jar and filled it with vinegar.  We made observations and predictions about what would happen and then we put the jar in the refrigerator.

They noticed right away that the eggs were covered in bubbles so they predicted that the permanent markers would rub off, or that the eggs may get bumpy.  They predicted that maybe the white shell would get darker.

They have to sit overnight and we'll see what happens tomorrow.... if all goes well the shell should breakdown and leave the egg covered with just it's membrane. 

We brought Halloween Mad Libs and some math coloring sheets in the car.  The mad libs brought many giggles out!  I had also brought our Kitten in the Candy Corn book and Alec did end up reading aloud to us for a bit. 
We went walking at the Edwin Way Teal Memorial Sanctuary with our family.   We were the only ones there so we had the whole place to ourselves.  We saw beaver lodges and a large white bird we thought was a swan but my nephew, who has binoculars, told us it was just a really big duck.  We walked many of the trails and just enjoyed being together in nature. 

We did some errands on the way home and listened to a bit of The Light In the Attic on CD.

Once home we worked on our art projects from yesterday.

The boys added some orange and yellow to the mixed media pumpkins and we set them aside to dry.

Then they added color to their glue line pumpkins and it was just amazing.  The chalk pastels really pop against the black background.  We talked about trying to use several shades of one color to give interest and depth.

They came out so wonderful! 

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