A Full Day of Learning at the Museum

We went to our local museum for the day.  Once at the Ecotarium and stayed for 6 hours!  The boys had a full day of hands on learning and could not stop talking about everything they learned. 

We saw and did everything there.  
  • We saw wild turkeys and went on a train ride around the grounds.  
  • We watched the otters, bees, red fronted Macaws, snakes, ferrets, turtles, eagles, and hawks.
  • We explored the grossology of the human body and learned why we make noise when we pass gas, why we burp, the importance of our urine, what makes our bodies smell, and many other gross facts about our bodies.  
  • We explored many board games and learned where some of the originated.  
  • We got to feel what 80 mile per hour winds felt like and how mountains and valleys affect fog.  
  • The boys took part in a simulated drive up Mount Washington and looked at the diorama of animals that can be found there.  
Ian learning & practicing how to handle snakes

The museum was preparing for a new exhibit and asked the boys to help them with an experiment.  

The boys were asked to build a city using colored foam sheets and blocks and then the curators placed a heat lamp on the city and used a thermal imaging machine to show the boys how cities heat up.  

They were then asked if they could make the city cooler.  

They immediately realized parking lots, black roof tops and roads attracted the heat the most so they made all the parking lots and roofs out of white and then compared the two using the heat lamp and thermal machine once again.  

It was really neat.  

They must have spent almost 20 minutes trying to decide how best to set up the city, how best to cool it off and utilized many problem solving and cooperative skills.  In the end they did a great job.  

Boys creating the first city
Looking at the heat of the city


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