The Nickelodeon Hotel

We wanted to hang around by our pool and hotel today since it was going to be 90 degrees, but my husband had worked in Florida 4 or 5 years ago on a large plant that he periodically visits and Ian really wanted to go check it out.

My mother in law stayed at the hotel with the younger two and let them swim in the pool and use the water slides while my husband and I took Ian to the block plant.

Once at the plant Ian was in awe of all the trucks, loaders, fork lifts and cement mixers.  This company makes concrete paving blocks and have an automated system with conveyors and everything.

They weren't producing blocks today so it was safe for us to walk all around the facility and get a personal tour.

We saw the kiln, the storage bins and learned that the cement is a rather dry mixture that resembles wet stone more than concrete.  They talked about how much they produce and sell and the costs of pallets.  Ian asked a few questions but for the most part was just happy walking around checking things out.
We got back to the hotel around lunchtime and after everyone ate we ended up back by the pool.  We played on the water slides and swam until the poolside show.

Alec and Ian were both called up to participate and had no problem getting up in front of the huge crowd that had gathered and participating.

Alec's team had to wear very large bathing suits (over their own) with sponges sewn onto the butt.  The object was to soak the sponges in water then waddle over to an empty bucket and squeeze all the water out.

They worked in tandem to try and fill up the bucket the most; and they did.  He was so excited to win.

 Ian got called up as part of a relay team.  After getting slimed they had to work a circular bungee chord from their head to their feet and pass it along to the next person in line then the last person in line had to smash a whipped cream pie in their face; the first team to finish wins.

Ian's team won.

They worked great with these total strangers and cheered their teammates on loudly.

It was a great day.  


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