Picture Books for Studying Alaska

The boys decided they wanted to learn more about Alaska!  I just love when they can all agree on something they are interested in.  We love geography and use lots of movies and picture books to help us imagine what it would be like to live in another state or region.

So far, for our Alaska unit study we have watched two non- fiction movies about Alaska and I had the boys find Alaska on both the world map and the United States map.

Alaska the Inside Passage


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We talked about the summer months where it's light all day long and how it's dark all day long in the winter months.

We talked about climate and, of course, the northern lights.  Alec knew quite a bit about the climate since he reads about arctic animals all the time and knew that the northern lights happened in arctic areas.

Ian watches all the Discovery Channel shows like Gold Rush, Bering Sea Gold, Yukon Men, etc so he too knew a lot about this area already too.
Today we watched another movie about Alaska simply called Alaska and read a bit about it in our 50 states book.  Then we read a book called The Big Caribou Herd; Life in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

It was beautifully illustrated and in the back they had a map of the seasons in the Arctic.  It was a great visual reminder of the short spring, summer, and fall seasons with the long cold winter.  

Other books we'll be reading:

Alaska's Dog Heroes 
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Larry Gets Lost in Alaska 

Amazing Pictures and Facts About Alaska

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  1. Alaska is on our travel bucket list. It's first on mine! One day!! Picture books are one of my favorite ways to learn about a place. Really- they offer so much.

    1. I have always wanted to go! We came pretty close to joining family on an Alaskan cruise but found out I was pregnant just before booking and knew we had to save the money... that was 14 years ago now and we have yet to make it there.


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