Hard Work Pays Off

My husband was hard at work yesterday pressure washing our house.  Now, unlike most families, we have all sorts of equipment at our disposal and my husband brought home a man- lift from his work.  All the boys wanted to help once they heard that equipment was involved. 

My husband told Ian he could drive it and Ian just thought that was great. The boys did a good job and in all honesty lost interest pretty quickly once they realized it was work. 

They got wet and boy was that water cold.  Ian even took a turn using the pressure washer.  My husband has a small pressure washer we've used on occasion to wash the cars so the boys know they have to be real careful since that much water pressure could cause you to loose a finger or worse if you put any part of your body (or anybody else's) in front of it. 

While my husband was getting set- up and started the boys went next door to the swamp and tried to catch frogs.

They realized that was hard work too, at least it was harder than it sounded since every frog they tried to catch either hopped or swam away.

A few times the frogs even hopped right out of the net as they were trying to lower them into the bucket.

It was fun watching them try to problem solve different solutions for sneaking up on the frogs and for trying to keep them in the net.  They managed to catch a tadpole a time or two and a few small fish too.  I think they finally caught a frog as well with a lot of help.


During lunch we were sitting on our patio and I happened to notice a baby snapping turtle next to one of the chairs.  Ian picked it up and the boys started debating whether baby snapping turtles can bite you or not.

Once my husband assured them it could still bite they were a bit more cautious but still inspected the shell, his tiny clawed feet, and his long tail.  They talked about all the other times we've seen snapping turtles around here, the different sizes, and the time we saw one laying eggs.

We put him back down on the patio and watched him, very quickly, scurry across it.  Evan then picked him up and the boys walked him down the shore to release him near the water.  Choruses of "he's swimming!" echoed a time or two as they watched the hatchling swim under our dock where we either lost him in the weeds or he hid until we were gone.

We found toads and caterpillars this afternoon too.   It's times like this, with these real live, impromptu, nature lessons that I love living on the lake! 


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