Making Balloon Animals

We decided to learn how to make balloon animals today.  

We checked a book out of our library on how to do it and having known this book was at our library, I  bought a mini balloon making kit off Amazon.   

I'd like to say we read the book and voila balloon twisting just took off, but it was a lot harder than the book made it seem like!

The first two balloons popped and the kids were totally discouraged.

I folded up a bee following the instructions and then they were happy to try again.  It still required a lot of help on my part but by the time we broke for lunch we had a bee, a hummingbird (really it's the same as a bee you just put the eyes on the other end), a mouse, a dog, and 4 (or maybe 5) swords.  I wasn't sure what they had learned if anything so I thought I'd ask.

What did we learn making balloon shapes and animals?
 1. You have to twist it and get it not to pop.
 2. You can't have sharp nails or you'll pop it.
 3. If you twist it too hard it will pop.
 4.  Sometimes you have to push the balloon together where you twisted it so it won't untwist.
5.  Balloon twisting is hard for a person but easy for a clown (this one made me laugh so hard!).  



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