Throwback Tuesday: Jingle All the Way Day

 This post was originally published in 2013; that year we picked a whole bunch of Christmas movies to watch (one for each day!) and planned all sorts of fun activities and crafts around the theme of the day.  Exactly 10 years ago (to this very day!) my boys were 6, 7, & 9.  

We've been trying to theme all our homeschooling days this season around fun holiday movies.  I picked the movies first and then picked activities, snack and schoolwork to go with it.

We're watching Jingle All the Way today-- another "new" holiday movie for the kids, but before I would let them watch it they just had a small amount of schoolwork to do.

We started by reading Jingle Bells, Homework Smells.  I read to the boys while they were eating breakfast.

 I only had one math worksheet for each of them today.   The older boys had to match trees with three digit number equations on them to the answer bases and then glue them down onto paper.  For some reason getting to match and glue was fun.

The boys matching answers and equations

 While they worked on those Evan had to color in certain objects on his Owl paper, count them up and write the numbers.  It was good practice for him since he still struggles with the fine motor control to actually write the numbers.

Evan coloring and counting

The completed worksheets

Evan read his book 5 little reindeer to me and then the boys settled down to watch the movie.  No one wanted anything to do with any arts or crafts today.  I was kind of bummed since I had found  this awesome (and messy sounding) stained glass window craft.

 It sounded easy enough, though a bit time intensive), but no one wanted to do that.  They didn't even want to make a special snack!

We were going to make Rice Krispie treats and form them into fun ornament balls and decorate with icing and M&M's but not one wanted to.

I guess they too are feeling a bit tired and burnt out from all the fun we've been having this past month with art, crafts, movies and treats.  We'll take a week off between Christmas and New Year's and hopefully come back raring to go and learn some more.


  1. I love how you themed your home schooling around holiday movies, what fantastic fun. Those worksheets look great.

  2. Joanne... Merry Christmas and happy new Year!!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes! It's amazing how fast that all went by.

  4. No rice krispy treats?? Did you take their temperature? LOL. I've been known to scarf down an entire pan full of those back in my sugar addiction days!!
    You have the best ideas, Joanne,

    1. I know, right? I'm pretty sure they would not turn down any sweets now.


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