Throwback Tuesdays: Using Read Alouds in Our Homeschool

This post was first written in November of 2012 when my boys were just 8, 6, & 5.  I continued reading aloud with them well into middle and high school.  I still willingly read aloud to my high schooler whenever he asks. 

We tend to read a lot of books in our homeschool.  My boys enjoy listening to stories and often beg for me to read more than I had planned.

I'm honest enough to admit I don't always want to read aloud but I do know that it is so important.  Reading aloud helps my boys develop a love of stories, it allows us all to learn new things together, and it helps bond us together.

Anytime I feel a homeschool day slipping out of my control, I quickly grab a stack of books and begin reading. It calms us and settles the boys down (most of the time anyway!).  We don't always pick a theme or even read books during the "right" season but we do often read together.

Today we read:

1. Another chapter or two in our Hugo book

2. Started reading a few chapters in Thanksgiving on Thursday (part of the Magic Treehouse series).  We had checked out this book long before Thanksgiving and never got around to reading it.  I was going to return it but they didn't want me to until we read it.  Not like I was going to argue over that!

3. Sitting Bull Remembers

4.  Dinosaur vs. Santa

When I realized shortly after breakfast that we're going to see a play next week and I haven't yet read that book to them either we headed to the library to get, yet another, chapter book that we started reading today.

5.  Bunnicula!

Once at the library, the boys ended up picking up some more books and movies.  

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by all the books they check out.  I feel like we should read them all cover to cover but that doesn't always happen.  I'm getting better about relaxing and enjoying our homeschooling journey.

Knowing we can read just a few books each day and trying to pick a variety of topics to read about helps me feel better about touching upon ALL the subjects that I know my boys might not otherwise discover and become interested in on their own.

Do you read aloud in your homeschool?  

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  1. So sweet to look back at these memories- I remember my girls reading out loud and miss it!

  2. love looking back at these memories. My kids love when I read to them too.

    1. It was always my favorite activity... both as a listener and then as a reader.

  3. Yes, we had read alouds as well as books for Sophia to read on her own. We would often curl up on the couch, especially when it was cold or rainy, and have a story time. We used Sonlight for history and they have such an amazing selection of books.

    1. Oh yes, my boys always had their own stack of books too.

  4. I like that idea. I think we can learn more when we hear a book sometimes!

  5. it's so cool to look back at what we've written years ago ... how much has stayed the same, yet how we've grown and changed in the meantine.

  6. It looks like a good line-up. And reading is a wonderful way to settle things down, bring calm, change the "scenery."

  7. I loved that series; it was one of the first ones we listened to together and even starting at just 4 years old the stories were easy enough for Evan to understand and interesting enough for Ian to enjoy as well.

  8. Yes, we do do read-alouds in our homeschool. Our power went out last year and my teenager wanted me to read Harry Pottery to him and his sister and really enjoyed it. I used to listen to stories with him before bed and missed it when he didn't want to listen any longer. I read to my daughter durig the day for school and at night before bed. It's our favorite times of the day.


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