A Sentence a Day in July; 2022

 We had such a fabulous time in July soaking up all sorts of family time, summer fun, and warm (hot!) summer days!  While I'm still tracking my steps, I am still not 100% healed with my foot and so I tried not to beat myself up over missing my 10,000 steps most days. 

1. After grocery shopping early in the morning I spent a good portion of my morning prepping food for our family party the next day: fruit salad & salad while Alec made red/white/blue cheesecake. I finished up two books in the afternoon.  4,328 steps. 

I made a peach caprese salad for dinner and marinated some pork tenderloin for dinner

So delicious and it was a huge favorite at the cookout!

2.  We had our family's 4th of July party at the lake; it ended up being a really nice day despite the threat of thunderstorms.  6,976 steps

It was an unexpectedly HOT and muggy day so I swapped out my red/white and blue for this cool tank & shorts

We were missing almost ALL of the "big" cousins this year (all but 2 college age and older could not make it)

3.  We headed back to the family cottage to finish up the leftover food and spend a second day with most of my husband's local family members; I had put on my navy/star short romper but the breeze was quite cool this day so swapped it out for shorts and a sweatshirt (which I changed to pants by nightfall and fireworks!). 6,631 steps

I spent most of my day in this chair finishing up my book

We got to see the boat parade; it was rather large this year!

Anyone else find shorts and a comfy sweatshirt to be the comfiest?

Since two different houses and two different sides of the cottage were lighting off fireworks we moved away from the fireplace and onto to the dock so we could watch them both. 

4. We had no plans for the actual 4th other than to drop Alec off (he had a paying job cooking for someone's picnic/party!) so we hung around the house reading, watching TV, playing cornhole (I beat both my oldest son and my husband in a round of games!).  

5. The younger boys and I headed to green falls pond for a hike around the pond and then stopped at Subway for lunch and to buy some snacks (for the long car ride this coming weekend) on our way home.  8,800 steps

After hiking outfit

6. The younger boys and I took a trip to Little Compton, Rhode Island to celebrate the graduation of one of our nearest and dearest homeschooling friends.  4,115 steps

One of my favorite views!

We put Alec to work decorating since he was tall enough to reach everything

The whole New England shoreline has all these beautiful blue hydrangeas everywhere! 

My favorite capture of the day

Alec offered to cook on the grill; we had SO MUCH FOOD!  It was all delicious too

They ended the night playing Throw Throw Burrito 

7. Evan and I went on a walk to the state park before lunch and then I ran a few errands in the afternoon and spent much of the day reading my book and making sure we are all packed and ready for vacation. 12,944 steps

8. My mom and I took off shopping for the day; this year we went to the Solomon Pond Mall and had lunch at Olive Garden.  I got lots of cards and gifts all week for my birthday! 6,772 steps

9. We left bright and early in the morning for Tennessee, we made it as far as Big Island, Virginia and then rested for the night. 2,589 steps

10. The next day we arrived at our rental in Sevierville, TN and met up with my sister and nephews.  We spent the rest of or day settling into the house and getting caught up with one another. 4,562 steps

11. After breakfast we decided to drive to Cades Cove and hike Abrams falls. We exited Smoky Mountain National park in downtown Gatlinburg and ate lunch at Bennet's then went to Ober Gatlinburg, making it back home to the rental house in plenty of time to see a beautiful sunset. 14,772 steps

12. After watching a mother bear and her cubs in our neighborhood we headed out to check out the Forbidden Caverns then hung out by the pool in our complex. Ending our night at Anakeesta in Gatlinburg before a thunderstorm rolled through. 12,175 steps

13. We were up and out early getting to Clingman's dome minutes after 10.  We said goodbye to my sister and nephews (who were headed back home)  then headed out on a hike to Andrews Bald, after we headed back to the house and all the guys went to see Thor. 15,480 steps.

14. We spent our day in Dollywood and headed to The Chop House for a delicious steak dinner. 14,385 steps.

My favorite ride!

15. We headed for one last hike in the Smokies to Grotto Falls then split up to explore Gatlinburg; my husband and Ian went to a car museum while the rest of us went to the aquarium.  We met back up for lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp and then headed back to the house rental to pack up all our stuff. 12, 953 steps.

My favorite hike

16. We drove from Sevierville to Harrisburg, Penn and then stopped for the night at a hotel. We ate dinner at the local Olive Garden and then called it an early night. 6,227 steps (we walked around and around the plaza waiting for our table at Olive Garden trying to get some exercise in after a long day of sitting).

17. We arrived home by 2 and then my husband and I went to buy groceries, after unpacking ALL the things and prepping all the food we just sat and watched TV until bedtime. 4,275 steps.

18. I was up early to exercise and drop off the car rental then I spent my morning on various errands and chores-- making 2 ingredient bagels, homemade pesto, and a salad, picking up books at the library, getting Alec's uniforms ordered for next year, washing all the clothes, etc. 5,676 steps.

19. With scorching hot temperatures settling in I had zero plans but to read my book by the lake today (sadly I couldn't go IN the lake since this was the day they chose to treat for weeds)! 6,158 steps.

20. Another scorching hot day where I mostly laid around reading or working on the blog; though I did treat ALL my pansy pots for mites *sigh* I don't think they're going to make it.  7,233 steps

21. I got out real early in the morning and weeded the gardens then ran to the grocery store and took "Alec's" car to get his emissions testing done; the younger boys talked me into getting ice cream for lunch!  It was a perfect way to beat the heat. 5,324 steps

22. My mom took the boys and I to lunch at Panera then I finished reading The Suite Spot; a book I started yesterday afternoon. 5,538 steps 

23.  Saturday was another super hot day so I dressed in some shorty shorts and a halter top and took it pretty easy; mostly reading out on the deck and patio. In the evening my husband and I decided to get dressed up and head to dinner at Grill 37.  A pathetic 2,859 steps (though I did take off my tracker for our date night)

24.  I only took one single photo on Sunday but we had a wonderful day! After grocery shopping and food prepping most of the day I spent my afternoon on the patio and then my husband, Alec and I went "swimming" in the lake (I mostly floated on a tube and kicked since I don't like the weeds). My husband's step-brother whom we haven't seen in nearly 8 or maybe even 10 years stopped by and we had a huge family visit with that side of his family getting all caught up.  It was wonderful!! 6,005 steps

25. I was up early and tackled a new workout, got the whole upstairs cleaned, finished up some blog posts for the week and managed to get most of the laundry done too.  It was another hot day so I spent of it inside reading my book or on my laptop. My tracker died so I didn't wear it at all today. 

26. Though the rains never came through our temps did cool off so I spent my day exercising, cleaning house, walking around the neighborhood, and then settled in to read on the deck. 9,216 steps. 

27. I had a hair appointment bright and early in the morning and picked up a BJ's order on my way home then dragged the boys out for a nice long hike.  We could not get over the fact that every stream and trickle of water was completely dried up; even the pond was so low that we could see the old road and building foundations that are usually completely submerged underwater! 14,432 steps. 

Loving this new top I bought myself on Amazon with my birthday money/gift cards!

I changed to go hiking and then changed back

28. The only thing I remember about this day was that it was cloudy and threatening rain (that never came!) most of the day.  I know I spent the afternoon at my mom's trailer catching up with her...and part of the day texting back and back and forth with family that's going to be at Disney the same time we are trying to make some soft plans for getting together.   7,541 steps. 

29.  I was up early getting in my exercise before heading out to get groceries; then I spent my morning prepping food for the week.  Just before dinner I cleaned the kitchen which means the whole house and all the laundry, bedding, etc. were cleaned this week!  I feel so accomplished. 6,581 steps.

30.  While getting dressed, I decided to clean out my closet and drawers getting rid of anything I hadn't been wearing this summer then spent the rest of my day engrossed in my latest novel.  2,475 steps. 

Made it more than 1/2 way through this 418 novel in just 1 day

31. It was a beautiful day with a nice breeze so my husband, Evan and I went hiking after lunch at a new trail called Midstate Waterfall Loop trail; but with the drought there really wasn't a waterfall.  After hiking we got an ice cream treat! 13, 574 steps.

I changed into hiking "gear"

My favorite Maine Black Bear (raspberry/ chocolate candy & swirls)

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  1. Replies
    1. It really was! I felt like it just flew by too.

  2. Your 4th of July looked PERFECT and your pics are making me miss July already :/

    1. We had a great time but I do think our tradition is slowly dying out... We seem to have fewer people every year as more and more of the "kids" grow up and head off.

  3. Very wise of you to document your daily steps. I need to do that!

    1. Thanks! My goal by the end of the year was to reach 10,000 each day.. so far though I haven't been able to make huge strides with that goal.

  4. You guys had the most fabulous month!! Truly a great one! I'm sorry you're still having trouble with your foot, though. You actually did really great with your steps considering! You hit that 10,000 mark and then some quite a few times!

    1. It really was a fabulous month. I can go full weeks where my foot is fine (so I know it's on the mend!) and then days like today it just throbs all day and sends shooting pain... I'm trying to take it easy this month so I hopefully won't have any issues in Disney/Universal.

  5. It looks like you had a great month and I enjoyed looking at the photos Joanne.

  6. July was such a good month for you.
    I love your outfits and all of the food looks so tasty. It looks like you had a lot of fun out on the lake.

    1. We had a great month filled with fun, good food, and lots of sun.

  7. Your jumpsuit look for your dinner out was tres magnificent Joanne!! And I loved seeing those bears again,

    1. Thank you! I was so happy to finally have an excuse to wear it.

  8. Happy belated birthday!! I just don't understand how you eat such yummy food, walk so many steps, and read so many books!!! Do you have extra hours in your days on the East Coast? Hahaha!!! Love the date night look! I love Dorothea Benton Frank...I was devastated when she died!


    1. I do get up around 4:30/5:00 most days so I definitely have a few extra hours in my day! LOL My husband and oldest son are up early for work and try as they might they are not quiet enough not to wake me up.

  9. Wow, what a lovely times you had! Spending time by the lake sounds so perfect with these temps. Its a great summer isn't it!

  10. What a great month you had and Joanne - you look amazing in halter tops! Very cool too that Alec had a paying cooking/catering job - he is very talented!

    1. Thank you! He was paid so well for that job too and had a great time.

  11. Looks like you had a wonderful month, Joanne!

    And I enjoyed looking at the fabulous photos.

    I wish you a wonderful August ahead!

  12. It is so nice to have a peek into your joyful life, Joanne! Your trip to Gatlinburg brought back memories to me--we rode up the same ski lift! My son as only 7 at the time ( he is in his 40s now) and he was so scared! We visited many other place sin Tennessee on that trip, including a lake inside a cave which was mysterious. Have an equally wonderful August!

    1. I HATED that ski lift! LOL. My husband was laughing because I had a death grip on the railing.

  13. I am going to have to remember this post for next spring break when we head back to the smokies: you did some things that we did not! And I have mozarella: need to buy some peaches to make that salad!

    1. We saw the Parrot Mountain sign and I thought of your Smokies trip!

  14. What a fun - and filled! - month you had! So totally summer:) Looks like there was plenty of good eating, too! We love vacationing in the Tennessee mountains - but haven't done so in several years. You have reminded me that we need to go again soon! As always, you had a cute month, too. You always look so cute!

  15. What a great month! Trips, good food, fun outfits and soaking in all the Summer activities.

  16. Joanne, Thank you for your weekend coffee share. Your July looks fabulous. Well done! I hope you have an amazing August. Natalie

  17. Wow! What a month you've had Joanne! So many photos, so much family time, so many fun times, vacation, different outfit choices and so much more. Thanks for giving us such a big glimpse into your world.

  18. What an awesome month you had!! I always love your photos and your outfits inspire me. :) No weekend coffee share post for me this week. I just couldn't pull it together.


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