Weigh in Wednesday: Too Many Meals Out

Oh boy have been struggling this past week and a half!  Not only have we been eating out, celebrating a birthday, and trying not to dig into that shipment of cheesecakes but I haven't been exercising either.  My foot continues to hurt and our weather continues to be cold and so windy that hiking has pretty much been out of the question. 

Each night as I crawl into bed I promise myself that I'm going to workout in the morning; despite my foot hurting I could easily workout my arms or my abs or with the stability ball or even yoga/ Pilates.  And every morning I talk myself right out of it since my bed is so warm and comfy and it's chilly without my covers. 

I have been logging my food though; even when I go over my daily points!  And somehow I did manage to drop a bit more weight.  

When I weighed in on Sunday May 1st I was down to 160.8 (My last report had me weighing in at 161.6 so I'm down another .8 lbs).  It's slow going but I am totally okay with that!!

Thursday: I had fruit and yogurt for breakfast-- 3points.

I ate my last slice of crustless quiche and some salad for lunch-- just 2 points.

I really splurged at dinner though since we had burgers and tater tots and I let myself indulge in them both!  With my salad it was a  25 point meal (and honestly the burger was such a disappointment!) 

Friday: Fruit/yogurt for breakfast-- 3points.

I ate leftover squash with a boca chicken sandwich on 647 bread with a salad-- 6 points (bread, chicken, dressing & croutons)

For dinner I cooked up a crock pot weight watcher's lasagna-- 8 points with salad/dressing/ croutons

Saturday: fruit/ yogurt/granola-- 3 points

lunch I had some Weight Watcher's string cheese and apple-- just 2 points. 

Date night out we went to Smoky Bones; never having been there and making our pick at the last minute I had to try and make my best guess of their healthy menu choices.  I picked the salmon with broccoli and corn (I didn't like the corn so I ended up not eating it) but that still ended up being a 15 point meal.

Sunday:  Breakfast was once again fruit/yogurt/ granola-- 3points.

We were out at lunchtime so we stopped at Longhorn Steakhouse.  I hardly ever eat fish two days in a row but I knew I needed something low in points so I ordered the salmon with broccoli and asparagus. 
7 points with a slice of bread.

While the family had shaved steak and cheese grinders; I had a steak sandwich (without cheese on my 647 bread) and I made butternut squash fries while they all had tater tots.  With my salad, dressing and croutons too the whole meal was 8 points.

Monday: I had crustless quiche and leftover butternut squash for breakfast-- 0 points.

 I tried a new granola at lunch for my fruit/ yogurt/ granola bowl and had no idea that 1/4 cup of this new brand was 6 points!!

At the last minute we ended up with take out from D'angelos. I got a medium turkey club with chips-- 14 points! 

Tuesday: I had another bowl of fruit/ yogurt/ granola (6 points until I use up this bag).

I had a 2 point lunch with a large salad, grilled chicken, apples (the points were from dressing and croutons).

For dinner I made chicken parm. in the air fryer (no cheese for me) and I served it with spaghetti, sauce, and salad.  The whole meal was 9 points. 

All in all I did manage to stay within my daily/ weekly points but definitely feel like we ate waay too many meals out.  I've been trying so hard not to weigh myself since Sunday and just enjoy the small scale victory.  

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  1. Such beautiful and healthy meals- thank you for sharing!

  2. That sucks your burger wasn't great. When you're looking forward to a special meal and then it disappoints you, the worst!

  3. I completely understand about all the eating out. Though I haven't actually eaten out in forever, I have had food delivered way too many times recently. I'm so glad you had a weight loss victory on Sunday though and didn't give in to the temptation of weighing in again. #MMBC

    1. It's so hard to break that habit; I'm used to weighing myself daily.

  4. I always love seeing what you chose for meal choices

  5. And, now I am hungry! Guess it is time to take a break and think about dinner!!:)

    1. LOL. I have that same problem reading any food related sort of posts.

  6. You know they say that what we eat is 80% of our weight loss, etc. So maybe it's good to give your body a break??

    1. Maybe it is; I am slowly adding just yoga back into my daily practice.

  7. Congratulations on your weight loss! Any weight loss (when you're trying) is good weight loss!

  8. It's hard to resist good food isn't it.

  9. Such an inspiring post - I love it! Thank you for sharing!



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