Sentence A Day- April 2022

 I spent most of the month trying to take it easy and let my foot continue to heal; I can not believe what a slow process this is!  It was so hard to sit back as our weather got nicer and nicer (then it seemed to get colder and colder and didn't really matter anymore).  We did indulge in a few hikes here and there but I really tried to rest my foot whenever I could.  

1.  Ian, Evan, and I went hiking with our hiking group while Alec was at his SkillsUSA awards ceremony; he was a finalist though he did not take gold, silver, or bronze. (honestly we weren't  sure what that meant! but we later found out he was 4th in the state.) 7,252 steps

2.  After taking Alec to karate, I spent my day reading in the sunlit living room.  4,504 steps

3. I spent my morning working on Easter cards (I posted a photo of a couple of them below) and my afternoon putting together a new spring wreath for our front door. 1,996 steps

4. After finishing up schoolwork with Evan, I worked on some April birthday cards before heading out to walk in the cemetery with my mom while Alec was at track practice.  11,260 steps

5. Evan and I went on a hike in the morning then I helped Ian with his Macro economics paper (just proof-reading it) and headed out to Alec's first track meet of the season.  6,716 steps; though my counter shut off around dinnertime since my battery died. 

6.  A rainy miserable that I mostly laid around the house reading my book, working on schoolwork with Evan and Ian and cooking up a few meals. 2478 steps.

7. Evan talked me into skipping his schoolwork today and as soon as Ian headed off to class, Evan and I went hiking for just over an hour. 10.476 steps

8. After Ian and Evan were done with their schoolwork we met up with our hiking group for a hike around Pulaski park and the sun made an appearance!  I then put my feet up when we got home to rest my hurt foot and read my latest novel. 12,007 steps

9. Another rainy miserable day spent lying about the house reading my book. 5,465 steps

10. I spent nearly the entire day on Sunday at my crafting desk and I finished up all but 1 last scrapbook page from 2021!  2,194 steps.

11. It was a beautiful day so Evan and I went for a nice long walk the minute he finished his schoolwork then Ian came with me and my mom walking while Alec was at his track practice. We finished up our day with the first trip to the ice cream stand; they just opened and nothing says "spring" like freshly made ice cream! 18,094 steps. 

12. It was a rainy morning but the weather cleared just in time for Alec's track meet and the sun even came out! 3,688 steps

13. Evan and I headed out hiking the minute he finished his schooling and we checked out a new hiking place. I also walked with my mom in the afternoon while Alec was at track; poor kid overdid it and felt dizzy, nauseous, and had a raging headache after practice.  He was so dehydrated working out in the sun. 18,183 steps

14. Even though it was beautiful out we decided to skip hiking since my foot was bothering me and went  to buy Evan some new shoes instead.  My mom and I did meet up for a walk around the cemetery while Alec was at track and I got a little sunburn! Today he came home with an injured ankle... so glad we have a 4 day break from track! 13,672

I dragged all the deck furniture out and sat in the sun to read 

My mom sent us an Easter candygram!

15.  It was a beautiful day and since it was Good Friday and no-one had school I slept in until nearly 6.  We spent a lazy morning at home, squeezed in a quick driving lesson, and then met up with our hiking group for an afternoon hike around Bigelow (though Alec elected to stay home and elevate/ice his ankle). 8.854 steps-- but my foot was KILLING me! 

16. After a sleepless night with a throbbing foot I took it nice and easy on Saturday.  Alec skipped karate since his ankle still hurt, I took him driving in the morning and then my husband and I went out to dinner and a movie.  3,659 steps

17.  We had a very quiet Easter at home watching TV and playing board games. 2,789 steps.

18.  The younger two boys and I headed to Newport to meet up with some friends of ours and head out on a seal watch tour-- we saw SO MANY seals!  We then walked around Newport and got some lunch; it was a wonderful day.  7,826 steps

19. It was a pretty rainy day but Alec and I went driving before his track practice anyway and then I spent my afternoon playing Rummikub with Ian and my mother-in-law.  4,065 steps. 

20. I went walking with my mom while Alec was at track even though it was REALLY cold and windy!  We got an unexpected delivery of a 1/2 dozen or so cheesecakes that arrived just at dinner; we froze all but one for later.  15,834 steps. 

The family voted to keep the raspberry swirl out to try; I only had one bite but it was good

21. Another quiet day spent at home; I did get some cleaning done and spent the whole morning ordering all of Evan's schoolwork for his Freshman year next year.  2,929 steps

22. We met with our friends for a hike then had lunch out at Panera Bread before coming home and whipping up a chocolate brownie cake to make Ian's birthday dessert with. 10,815

23. After taking Alec to karate, him and I spent our afternoon working on Ian's birthday dessert and I somehow managed to find time to make a card for Ian and sit out in the sun to read my book! 3,411 steps.

24. We had a party for Ian's 18th birthday with the grandparents and lots of yummy pizza. 3,736 steps.

25. We had a new visitor to our feeder and I got my card exchange card in the mail; isn't it cute?!  Ian finished up his latest metal model... so basically a boring day at home.   2.412 steps. 

26. After talking it over with the family I began looking into using up our 2020 Disney tickets and planning a trip for late in the summer and spent most of my day on airline, airbnb, and Disney's website pricing everything out to get an estimate.  3.472 steps. 

27. As soon as I finished school with Evan I worked on making a dozen thank you cards for Alec's teachers; we decided to go with a berry theme and inside it says wishing you the berry best then we got some berry hard candies, gum, and things like that for them to snack on. 5,434 steps.

28.  I spent most of my day reading trying to finish up my latest book and running a few errands to finish up Alec's teachers' gifts. 4,193 steps

Finishing up A Place for Us while eating my lunch

29. In the afternoon, Ian and I went to the bank and set him up with his own checking account; it was such a fun milestone to share! 3,371 steps.

30.  Up early to go grocery shopping before karate and ending our month with a date night out (so I switched out my outfit & did my nails) to Smoky Bones and Best Buy.  4,387 steps.

It was only 36 when I got dressed to go grocery shopping! 

How was your month?  

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  1. so many great hikes and cute outfits- love them all!

  2. so many great hikes and cute outfits- love them all!

  3. I enjoyed looking at the beautiful photos of your hikes and your nice outfits. I hope you enjoy this sunny day!

  4. What a delight to scroll through all the fabulous photos of your hikes and lovely outfits!

    Happy Tuesday, Joanne!

  5. This is fun!! I love all the outfits, hiking, and those sparkly pink nails!

  6. That Candy-gram looks amazing! My mom read The Day the World Came to Town (about 9/11). That would make a really good documentary.

  7. I love you added your step count onto each day - I always love when my count hits that 10,000 mark

    1. I love when that happens too; I was hopeful to make that my daily goal but I just have to be patient.

  8. So many lovely hiking photos and you look wonderful. A month full of activities, beautiful cards, a delicious birthday cake and books - sounds wonderful. Foot injuries take forever to heal. I still have to wear a brace when I hike or drive long distance. Rest up. Books and creative works are great for those day.


    1. They really do! I know it's because I can't really stay off it but oh it is so frustrating! I am trying to rest it as much as I can as we have lots of vacations planned this summer.

  9. 6 am is sleeping in??? OMG. I'm such a slug then, haha!!
    I'm always so impressed how much hiking you do Joanne. Have you read 52 ways to hike?? I just started it and love it.

    1. LOL: yep! I'm usually up around 4:30. I have not read that book but I will definitely look into it.

  10. That was a full month, Joanne! And so many beautiful hikes! This is the time of year when everything is budding and blooming...I love it!

  11. I loooove that top that you wore on the 26th!! SO pretty. And I love that you're tracking your steps in these posts. That will be so neat to be able to look back on.

    1. Thanks! I found that on Amazon and I loved the criss crossing bottom.

  12. All of your scrapbooking and cards are so pretty! It doesn’t look like you’re resting your foot as much as you think given your step count and all of the beautiful hiking pics. 🤣 Having injured my foot, I know how hard it is to rest a foot. The healing seems to take forever.

    1. I know... but when you compare it to last month's step count I'm only doing about 1/3 of what I used to! LOL.

  13. You are so great at capturing your life on film. I often forget to take pics of memorable things! And that hike looks amazing.

    1. Thank you! I try so hard to keep my camera on hand but sometimes I'm not as good at remembering as I'd like.

  14. Cute jeans! Love how you wrote down the number of steps. I think writing it down can have more of an impact and more motivating than just seeing it on your phone or watch.

    1. I think so too; I was hopeful to find patterns of movement so I could challenge myself to up them but I'm definitely going to have a few months for my foot to completely heal before I can even think of adding on.

  15. Yay, for ice cream to welcome spring. You still got in quite a few steps even with the injured foot, seems like those foot injures take so long to heal. I turned my ankle & seemed like it swelled & was sore off & on for a couple years. Karen


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