Not Just a Mom-- What's for Lunch?

This month's Not Just a Mom is all about what we eat for lunch.  I tried to take a variety of photos of different lunches I might eat at any point throughout the year.  

I hope you'll head over and check out my co-hosts posts too and if you wrote up one of your own please link it up with us below. 

I started Weight Watchers March 24th 2019 and have lost and kept off roughly 30-40 pounds.  I plan my meals by point value. 

I tend to make sure my meals are loaded with fresh fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and little splurges here and there that make it easy to stick to my healthy eating all the rest of the time.  My husband joined just a few short months later and the fact that we both follow a healthy eating lifestyle makes it a bit easier; even if we do "fight" over leftovers a time or two. 😁

You'll often see my large Yeti in the photos and I fill that up 3 times a day-- twice with ice water and once with ice water mixed with a single serving packet of Crystal Light Iced tea (I prefer the peach mango green tea variety but  have been struggling to find that lately!).

Here are just a few examples of what I might eat for lunch on any given day.  

This is a Bocca All- American burger on an English muffin with a side of zucchini and mushrooms. A nice light 6 point lunch. 

Most days I eat a salad-- and I top that salad with various proteins like a scoop of fat free cottage cheese, grilled chicken breasts (the Perdue short cuts are wonderful for this!), tuna fish, shrimp, or even salmon.  I use a few croutons, maybe sprinkle on some fruit and then use a light dressing like the Skinnygirl poppyseed or my own homemade reduced fat Italian dressing.  My salads are usually only 2-3 points.

Leftover soups are wonderful lunches for fall and winter and I love that they are usually only 3-4 points per serving.  This unstuffed cabbage roll soup was only 2 and chuck full of veggies!

One of my favorite lunches is the Bocca chicken patties-- sometimes I have them plain with a side of roasted potatoes and sauteed squash/mushrooms/onions. Just 2 points for the whole plate of food.

Sometimes I tuck it into a sandwich made with Sara Lee light bread with a side of butternut squash fries (that was leftover from dinner the night before) for a 4 point lunch. Today I was fancy and topped my chicken with lettuce and tomato slice for even more veggies. 

Another favorite are the Morning Star Farms tomato/basil pizza burgers.  They're a veggie burger but that kick of tomato and basil are delicious!  Tucked into a wrap and served with a side of potatoes and squash (again leftover from dinner) this was a 4 point lunch. 

Here I made it into a sandwich wish a side salad and topped my burger with sauteed veggies and fresh tomato.  I think this was a 6 point lunch if I remember correctly. 

This meal was only 4 points for the wrap and burger since the pasta salad was made with whole grain and Skinny Girl dressing. 

I LOVE leftovers for lunch-- like this chicken parmesan one dish meal that was just 2 points when made with whole grain pasta. 

Or this lightened up chicken marsala I made with chicken breasts and served over mashed potatoes made with almond milk.  Served with leftover asparagus and roasted cauliflower this whole plate of food was just 2 points!

Leftover salmon with broccoli and mushrooms-- just 2 points for the whole plate of food. 

One of my favorite meals is the Weight Watchers Tuscan Chicken pasta so I try to make extras for my lunch.  I have a side salad with it and in total this is a 4 point lunch. 

If I didn't eat fruit, yogurt, and granola for breakfast there is a good chance I'll be eating it at lunch.  I just LOVE fresh fruit.  Paired with fat free plain Greek yogurt and just a 1/4 cup of granola this is usually a 3-5 point meal (depending on what brand of granola I'm using). 

I love to make quiche/ egg dishes of all kinds and often eat a slice for lunch with a salad.  This was a crusted quiche so my lunch was 7 points this day but normally I make frittatas (basically a quiche with diced cooked potatoes in place of the crust) and that would bring my meal down to 3. 

This one I just used eggs and veggies for a crustless quiche and quickly made myself some "fries" in the air fryer. With some light turkey sausage this whole plate of food was just 2 points. 

Sometimes I'm much too lazy to make lunch and I'll throw together a "snack" plate.  I try to keep these around 4 point but sometimes they're 0 which is even better!  I start with some fresh veggies and fruits.  Then I add in some sort of lean protein-- hard boiled eggs, cold sliced chicken, rolled lean sandwich meat, a light string cheese stick, non- fat cottage cheese scoop, etc.  Sometimes I drizzle on some Light Ranch dressing for an added point, sometimes I put a few crackers or some puffs on the plate (usually about 4 points worth).

3 points for the meat and cheese

4 points for the churro puffs

zero pointes

I have recently swapped out some of my food picks on my WW personal points plan and will be sharing every meal I have eaten over the past week on Wednesday's Weigh- in Wednesday post.  

I hope you'll join us next month when we share our Go To gift ideas.  I'll be honest I don't know that I have many so I'm looking for lost of suggestions! If you have any please link up with us.

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  1. I totally forgot about posting today but I'd be boring because my lunch is totally leftovers. Often the same thing for a few days in a row. However, now I want tomatoes, cucumbers, and hard boiled eggs. Yum! That looks really good!

  2. You are eating very well! Your salads look delicious!

  3. I never eat leftovers for lunch as we will always have it again for dinner! lol. I love morningstar farms things, I should eat more of that for lunches.

    1. Leftovers do not last long in this house; two of my boys often eat anything pasta related for breakfast! We NEVER have leftovers for dinner.

  4. I love your variety of meals. You salads look so good.

  5. You're very diligent at having a healthy lunch!

  6. I am really boring when it comes to lunchtime. I usually just have sandwiches. You eat such a variety of things for your lunches, they all look delicious x

    1. I hardly ever have sandwiches; though I do love them!!

  7. Your meals always look amazing- you are building up a great menu for a restaurant! ;)

  8. Holy moly your lunches all look incredible! I love the idea of using an English muffin instead of a bun, and I had never thought to add cottage cheese to a salad before! Genius!

    1. Aw, thank you! Maybe it's a New England thing? Even most restaurants up here serve their salads with cottage cheese as an optional topping.

  9. I always love your food posts because I feel like you eat such a wide variety of things and all of them look so good!


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