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Photos of the Week: April 30, 2022

 Another fun week of prompts and another week where I didn't take many intentional photos but just filled in the prompts with photos I had already taken during the week.  I keep hoping our weather will warm up and stay consistently nice so I have ambition to leave the house and take "real" photos but it's been pretty blustery and cold here.  – On Your Plate  – (quarterly)   My bowl of fruit/ yogurt/ granola  – Outside -- We got outside and went hiking at Leadmine again this week – Starts with T -- Thank you cards; I made up a dozen for all of Alec's teachers this week.  – Where You Are Now? Sitting on our deck eating ice cream in the sun.  – Choose Anything  – monthly (same vantage point) Linking up with:

Friday Favorites: The Week My Son Officially Became an Adult

We had a pretty quiet week around here; the weather has been pretty miserable and cold so we stuck pretty close to home.  Our biggest excitement this week was our oldest son turning 18!  He's finishing up a couple of college classes and has an interview for a full time job coming up.   On Friday, at rather the last minute, my girlfriend and I got our families together for a hike around Leadmine again and I am so glad we were able to make that happen. It was sunny out, if a bit cool, and it felt great to get some exercise.  Best of all my foot barely hurt afterwards! After hiking the boys and I hit up a local (and new!) Panera Bread for lunch.  Lunch with my guys is a favorite as is the seasonal poppyseed chicken salad.  Yum! My new manicure has been a favorite as well.  I had painted my nails a white pearl color and while some of the polish was chipping off the tips I decided to just put some Colorstreet wraps over it; well the wraps are clear at the base with small flecks of glitt

Monthly Musings: Vacation Edition!

Oh I am so excited to be joining in with Patty and Holly today for their Monthly Musings posts because this month we're talking all about vacations.  I LOVE to travel, dream of travel, plan trips, and read about other's adventure too so I am all about today's post!   1.  My husband and I are heading to New Hampshire in June and we have a family vacation to the Smoky Mountains planned for July... and we've recently begun tossing around the idea of visiting Disney in late August (though I'm really not sure about the heat with that one!) but I just can not think of any other time of year that my two boys schedules will align and we have tickets to use from 2020.   We'll be staying at the Riverwalk again in New Hampshire This is the house we rented in Tennessee  2. Packing tips?? I'm not sure I have any... though I do like to roll my clothes to cut down on wrinkles and help me fit more.  3. I just began using packing cubes a year ago and I am a huge fan of them;