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Prime Purchases in February

 We didn't buy all that much on Amazon this month.  I did buy a bit of food for Alec's school's food drive but other than that we bought 7 items.   I'm slowly getting away from buying things on Amazon as I read more and more about their business practices (Ian had a paper for economics and picked Amazon as his focus and wow... not good! But is is so hard to resist the convenience).  I bought some ice and snow grips to go over my shoes for hiking as well as a hiking first aid kit (it's small and lightweight and fits nicely in my pack).     Alec has a huge supply list for his SkillsUSA competition and so far we purchased the small notepad he needs to fit in his chef's coat pocket (I bought a set of them since I like having one in my car and purse too) and the flower nails he needs for decorating.  He's already put the nails to good use! Ian and I both needed a few crafting items.  He purchased some clear display cases for his model cars and trucks and I

Photos of the Week: February 26th 2022

I struggled a bit with a few of the prompts this week. I try to always have my post finished up by Thursday night and I still had two photos I needed to take!     – backyard  – Quarterly-- Standing on the edge of our patio looking at the lake. – across the street -- You can't really see the street in this photo with all the snow but it is a view from my son's window across the street. – starts with L  I had a bunch of Lilies in bloom. – next -- The train passed right next to us as we were driving home from school. – choose anything  – same vantage point Linking up with:

Friday Favorites: The Last Full Week of February

 We had a fun week with some pretty nice weather mixed in here and there.  Though as I am waking up today I fully expect to find a few inches of snow already on the ground.  Alec has yet another snow day since his school decided to make that decision yesterday afternoon based on the weather forecasts.  We're supposed to get anywhere from 4-8 and possibly up to 10 inches of snow and ice today.   We got our new furniture in!  The basement is all set up now and I am LOVING it!   We found out that not only did Alec get into Skills USA but he scored TOP IN THE STATE on the baking test he took! Yep, I am totally bragging and not feeling the lest bit bad about it.  So proud of this kid and how hard he works when he wants something. He has been practicing making frosting flowers whenever he has a spare moment now-- he'll have to perform three baking tasks and one of them is baking and frosting a cake. Sunday, my husband, Ian and I went to a Camping/RV show to look at trailers and toy h

Monthly Musings- February 2022

 I almost didn't join in with Holly and Patty this month because I found these questions to be rather hard!  We're still very much in the middle of winter and while I want to think of spring I know it's going to  be several more weeks before I'll be transitioning anything into spring.  I like my photos of be full of photos and didn't think I'd have many to add to this post but I was pleasantly surprised by all the old photos I found on my blog.  1.  Favorite spring pieces in your wardrobe? This green shirt; I love the material and the bell sleeves but it's long sleeved and warm enough for those cooler spring days. 2. Favorite colors to wear in spring?  I tend to wear all shades of blue and green a lot once spring arrives.   3. How do you transition your wardrobe from winter to spring?  So painfully slow... I tend to swap out the really heavy weight sweaters and sweatshirts for lighter weight ones and pack away turtlenecks in favor of just regular long sleeve