How I Did on My Fall Bucket List

 With the official end of fall and the start of winter upon us, I figured it was the perfect time to take one last look at our fall bucket list and see how we did! 

Read some cozy fall themed books-- Check! 

Make pumpkin scones- Check! (our recipe is here)

Hike either Mt. Monadnock or Mt. Greylock (or both!)-- check! We hiked Mt. Monadnock in September and the views were just stunning. 

Go apple picking- Sort of?! We went to the orchard a few times but never actually picked our own apples as no one wanted to.  We did stock up on apples, donuts, cider, candy apples, etc. like we usually do when we go picking. 

Celebrate Evan's birthday-- Check! We had a small party with the grandparents and his requested spaghetti and meat sauce with a chocolate raspberry cake.

Go hiking as much as possible- Check! It seemed like we were hiking at least a few times each week.

Take the boys' yearly photos-- Check!

Bake up some apple pies-- check!

Make candy/caramel apples again
-- Nope! I bought the apples and the caramels but we never got around to this... 

Plan a weekend getaway for my husband and I--Check! We headed to Loon Mountain one weekend.

Decorate the house for fall
-- Check!

Pull out some new puzzles-- 1/2 a check?! I pulled one out but we never even so much as put two pieces together!

Keep a gratitude list for November--Check! I decided to tie my gratitude list into my sentence a day post!

Make chili & cornbread-- 1/2 a Check! I made some chili but we still haven't made cornbread yet.

Drink apple cider-- Check!

Buy some mums and decorate the front porch-- Check!

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  1. Awesome job- you crushed your goals and it looks like you had so much fun while doing so! :)

  2. I always have make chili on my list, and we did! Good job on your list!

  3. Those hike views, swoon. I need to make some chili!

  4. Your views on the hikes are just beautiful.
    Great job on your checklist. :)

  5. Y'all did great on your list! I still want to try those pumpkin scones!

  6. you did a great job - and that cake! Wow!

  7. Congratulations on checking off almost everything! I never thought of doing a bucket list by season...I may have to try that!

    1. I started it a few years ago when my boys were little and I wanted to make sure we did more than just their schoolwork in our homeschooling journey and it's something I've just stuck with. It helps remind me to sprinkle in all the fun each season brings.

  8. You did really well with your bucket list and got loads done. All of the hikes look amazing x


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