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It's the first Wednesday of the month and time for the Currently link up with Anne in Residence.  This month we're looking at what we're currently borrowingbuyingplanningprepping, and reading.

Borrowing-- ALL sorts of wonderful books from our local library. 

Buying-- Some new fall flowers for the front porch.

Planning-- A weekend trip up north for some hiking before the snow starts falling (though I should say replanning as we already had a tripped planned). 

Prepping-- Food! It seems like I am always cutting up fruits (we keep 3 large storage bins of fruit all cut up and ready to eat. I also make 2 large salads each week for lunches and to go with our dinner most nights.  Meal prep takes up a huge portion of my week.

Reading-- Any day that Ian is not working or rushing out the door I am reading aloud the last Harry Potter book to Ian and Evan.  We're almost 1/2 way through already! 

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  1. That's a cool picture of the sunlight on your Harry Potter book. I love your front porch and now I want a handful of fresh fruit. Yum!

  2. Food prep does consume so much time. You are offering all kinds of goodness to your people!

  3. So smart to cut up the fruit in advance! I have recently started cutting mine up and having it ready to serve as that seems to make it easier to eat and for it to not go bad. Seems like I never finish the salad I buy though, ha!

  4. Your hiking trip sounds fun and all of your cut up fruit is inspiring- I should do that!

  5. I feel ya on the fruit cutting... we keep tons of fruit on hand and I feel like I'm always cutting it up, too!

  6. I want to read A Fall of Marigolds! Good idea to cut up the fruit.

  7. I should really start using my local library again. I am starting to get back into reading.
    Have a great time on your trip up north. x

  8. You’re a busy and wonderful mom, Joanne. I love the picture of your books in front of the fireplace.

  9. All the fruit look delicious! I need to start keeping fresh fruit cut/prepped and ready to eat. I always dread cutting fresh pineapples but we all love eating it!
    And great idea to keep the salad cut and ready to go too!

  10. Our library is being remodeled and so closed but I cannot wait until it opens back up! Nothing like fresh washed fruit ready to go!

  11. I feel like I am always cutting up fruit and vegetables for our family. That stack of books looks so lovely!

  12. Aw, you're on the last HP book. I just adore that series! I'm sure it's been fun to read aloud.



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