10 on the 10th: 10 Q&A's About Dressing Up

 I don't usually post on Sundays but I wanted to join in with Leslie's 10 on the 10th all about dressing up this month.  I wasn't sure I'd have much to say but her questions were a lot of fun to answer and think back on. 

1.When do you most often dress up? I don't dress up much at all unless we're going to a wedding or to a more formal event but that's pretty rare; I'd say less than once a year. 

2. What does a dress up outfit look like? What makes you feel fancy and dressed up? Typically if I'm going to dress up I will wear an actual dress or dress pants with a fancy blouse/ sweater. I style my hair, put on make up, wear shoes with a bit of a heel and coordinating sparkling jewelry. 

3.Share a time when you felt especially dressed up and pretty. The only ones that really come to mind are all from proms or my wedding... when I felt like I was going to be the center of attention.

4.What does getting dressed for the day mean to you? Most days that means putting on jeans or leggings, picking a top or sweater to go with it and maybe even picking out some jewelry too. 

5.Do you wear make up every day? If so, which cosmetics do you wear?  Do you do anything different for special or dress up occasions? Nope, I rarely wear make up anymore.  On special occasions or when I'm dressing up I will put on blush, eyeshadow, and lip gloss. 

6.What is your skin care regimen? What issues do you address with your routine and choice of products? I don't do much at all; just wash my face in the morning when I get up and again at night before going to bed (and usually with just warm water)

7.Do you wear heels? A slip?  Foundation garments like Spanx or, heaven forbid, a girdle? I will wear heels on occasion but try never to wear anything else uncomfortable like slips, foundation garments, or Spanx. Even for my heels I try to go with a nice wide and supportive heel.

8.For dress up occasions, do you prefer costume jewelry or better jewelry? What is your go-to piece of jewelry?  Describe any vintage or heirloom pieces you have. I have a mix of costume and better jewelry but what I wear on any given day is usually more about the outfit and what goes with it. I have many heirloom pieces I inherited from my grandparents but I made sure to only keep pieces I liked that I would actually use. 

9.Do you have pierced ears? If so, what age were your ears pierced? I do have pierced ears and I know I was pretty young when I had them pierced but I don't remember the exact age-- sometime in grade school.  By the time I finished high school I had 2 piercings in one ear and 3 in the other which I still have today (though I rarely think to put more than 1 set of earrings in). 

10.Did you dress up for Halloween as a child? As an adult?  Describe a favorite costume you or your children wore for Halloween.  Will you be giving out candy this year? I did dress up for Halloween as a child and a few times as an adult if we were attending a costume party or something where a costume was required.  I don't really enjoy dressing up though so I try not to!  I loved almost all of my boys costumes and always remarked on how much better the costume selections seemed to be compared to what was available when I was younger.

We have never given out candy in our 18 years living here-- we live at the end of a dead end road out in the middle of nowhere so there's no one to give candy to!

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  1. These were fun to read! I am like you with the make - up rarely wear!

    1. I used to wear it daily through high school and college and got out of the habit sometime around when my kids were born. It's just not worth the hassle.

  2. I can't remember the last time I dressed up. It has to be a good couple of years ago. What fab photos x

    1. Yeah, I think the last time I dressed up was in that photo above where we went to funeral and it was pre-pandemic.

  3. I haven't dressed up for years! I'm all about jeans, tops and Converse nowadays haha!
    Lovely pics Joanne. x

    1. Me neither! For my husband's family dressing up usually entails jeans with no holes so we're a very low key kind of family as well.

  4. I hardly ever wear makeup either. I'm about to start working on my (late) post for these questions!

  5. I always love seeing all of those throwback pictures! So dang cute!

  6. These were some fun questions to answer!

  7. I enjoyed your answers. Your wedding photo is beautiful.

  8. Thank you so much for joining me. I hope to be able to do a link up for November again. What a beautiful bride you were. And still just as beautiful or more so. You have the cutest smile. Yay you for opting for comfort in your shoes and for passing on foundation garments. I put on Spanx when I am wearing tight fitting things. Not sure how much it helps but I feel like I am trying to keep it all under control at least!! I like your attitude on the vintage jewelry you chose from your grandparents. I think people often get greedy and just take things to have them. My mother-in-law opened her jewelry box to my sister-in-law and me last visit to Ohio. She didn't have expensive things but had some pretty brooches. She wanted us to take everything but I just took what I thought I would wear. Put most of the brooches on my denim jacket.


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