Sentence a Day In August

 We had a pretty great August!  It started with a fun family vacation and ended not so fun with a hurricane hitting our state.  The boys are all back at school and everyone seems to be settling in to a new routine.  

1. We arrived in Carolina beach and checked into our house rental; it was so cute and just perfect for us. 

2. We spent our morning and afternoon at the beach then went out to dinner with my sister and her whole family.

3. We toured Fort Fisher, went to see the Jungle Cruise and went to my aunt's house for a delicious steak dinner. 

4. We met up with my sister, nephew, and aunt and drove out to Myrtle Beach to spend the day.  We went to Wonderworks and walked around the shops a bit at Broadway on the Beach. 

5. We went to Airlie Gardens to see  my sister's owl statue that she decorated (the garden picks statue shapes each year and has local artists submit designs-- and hers got picked!). We also checked out the carnivorous plant garden and ended our night at my sister's house where she made dinner for us all. 

6.  We drove all day and spent the night in the Pocono Mountains. 

7. Before driving the final 4 hours or so home we decided to head to Bushkill Falls for some hiking and waterfall viewing. 

8. I spent most of my day working on the blog, doing laundry, and helping my husband measure out some closet systems for his mother's new closets. 

9. We cleaned the basement, the patio, and got the beach all read for Alec's party. Alec made up a frozen Oreo dessert.

10.  Alec had a bunch of friends over and we had a cookout with them.  

11. It was a hot day so Evan and I spent our afternoon cooling off in the lake; Ian decided to go on a jet ski ride. 

12. Alec and I went to get his new culinary uniforms in the morning and we spent the afternoon visiting with my father and step-mother.

13. Alec started making a cheesecake for my mother in law's belated birthday celebration and I spent my afternoon cooling off in the lake. 

14.  I started my day eating breakfast on the patio then went to Lowe's (helping my husband pick up all the stuff for his mother's closets), ran Alec to karate, and then spent my afternoon helping my husband actually get his mother's closets put together.  We ended with a birthday dinner for her at our house with take out and a really delicious espresso cheesecake with chocolate ganache.

15.  My morning started out rather awful with news from my mother that my aunt had died luckily the day improved dramatically from there.  We finished my mother in law's closets, I spent much of my afternoon reading and my mom and step-father stopped by for a visit.  We ended our night fishing (well, I was reading) on the lake.  

16.  The boys and I ran to the bank, the orchard for fresh peaches and donuts, and then hit the trails for a nice long hour and 15 minute hike trying out two trails at Bigelow. 

17.  I talked the boys into another long hike before lunch (though it ended up being a longer hike than we anticipated), and then I went grocery shopping in the afternoon.

18.  The boys and I headed out to look for a new furniture set for the basement and had lunch at Panera.  Yum!

19. We spent a rainy day at home cleaning the basement when a tornado warning came through our area asking us to seek shelter (such a rarity in our area but one DID touch down in our town thankfully there were no injuries!). 

20.  I spent the day prepping for a big family cookout; my younger sister and her family were leaving the next morning (moving down to live near my older sister we had just spent the beginning of the month visiting).  We had such a wonderful time!

21. After shuttling Alec back and forth to karate we spent our afternoon pulling in all the patio/ deck furniture in preparation for the storm.

22. We sheltered in place waiting out hurricane/ tropical storm Henri; which was supposed to be passing directly over us. Luckily, the route changed once Henri made landfall but we still lost power by 11:30 that morning. 

23. I spent most of the day waiting for our power to come back on... it finally returned at 4:30 but I really could not complain. We have a generator and normally our power is off for much longer than that! 

24.  We got a roll off dumpster delivered Tuesday night and finally got rid of lots of the bigger furniture items from around the house that were old and broken; we filled the dumpster in just a few short hours and they picked it up that same night. 

25. The younger boys and I went out to lunch with my mother in law to the local pizzeria.  

26.  I spent the morning prepping food and then spent my afternoon by the lake reading my book and taking a dip to cool off.

27.  I started my day with a nice leisurely kayak ride around the lake. I spent much of the day getting the details of Ian's first day of his college course nailed down; we hadn't heard much of anything at all from the school and we had a lot of questions. 

Spotted a heron!

28. My husband and I spent the morning taking the RZR to get fixed then spent the afternoon riding around the woods before we went grocery shopping. 

29. The whole family spent the morning taking inventory at my husband's shop and then we went out to lunch at Pub99. Ian headed out on the 4 wheeler with some friends and ended up getting towed home after his 4 wheeler broke down.  My husband and I ended our night with an hour walk to the state park and around the block. 

30. All three boys started school today and had a great day; Ian was in the building for his business class and Alec started off the year in shop.  

31. As soon as we were done school, Ian headed off to work and my mother walked over to visit with Evan and I.  When I picked Alec up they had been making rolls and he had a few he brought home for dinner.

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  1. You packed a lot of summer fun into August!

  2. Your August looks like the epitome of a beautiful summer month! I'm so glad you had such a great time! Also, I'm loving all those beachy photos! I can't wait to see how much fun you have this fall <3

  3. I'm happy you got away this summer! I love seeing travel pictures. :)

    1. We are having so much fun traveling and trying to do as much of it was we can while we can.

  4. What an amazing month! Your trip looks fabulous. I’ve been doing sentence a day (every other month) because of you :)

    1. I'm so glad I inspired you! It's such a fun and quick way to look back.

  5. It looks like you had a great August!
    Gorgeous photos x

  6. A fun and busy month! Makes me ready for the beach but I will take my weekend in the mountains this weekend for a start. I am so in need to reorganize the house. Having company off and on for the month is driving me batty.

    1. It is hard to get organized with extra people under foot. Enjoy your weekend at the mountains!

  7. These tropical storms lately... I honestly got Henri & Ida confused.
    OK - question - you are so great at keeping so many pictures of your life - where do you store them online? Google has limited space now & I'm searching for the best place to store my pics.

    1. Me too! I feel like it has just been one storm after another. We got so much rain with the last one that I got an alert on my phone (after dropping my son at school) to stay home and off the roads because of possible flash flooding! I don't store my photos online. I tend to store them on my computer and upload them to my blog; which for some reason seems to take up a totally different space than just loading them to Google. Every 6 months I go through and print those I want to keep (usually through Shutterfly) then delete them from my computer so I'm not totally bogging that down either.

  8. Enjoyed reading about your month. I might have to try to play along one month soon. We used to live not too far from Bushkill Falls and enjoyed visiting there. Glad you weathered the storm and here's hoping the skies calm down. We didn't have any rain here, although some was predicted. We've had our share of storms these past few years so I'm glad this one gave us a miss.

    1. Thank you! I am just hoping the next few storms pass us by and things can dry out a bit.

  9. That looks like a wonderful way to end summer except for the news about your aunt. I'm sorry to hear that :( And clearly I am not caught up on your blog because I haven't read any of your vacation posts... I have to make time to do that.

    1. Thank you, we're having a celebration of life for her at the end of this month. But other than that one loss we did have a very nice summer.

  10. What a great set of memories made these Joanne. Hope things are OK with you and yours as Autumn arrives. Thanks for linking up and I hope to see a post old or new for next week as I mark 5 years of Life This Week, Blog Link Up. Warm wishes, Denyse.

  11. Looks like you had a great time, beautiful photos. Looks like lots of fun and yummy food too. Thank you so much for joining us at the link up :)

  12. You have such a wonderfully full and beautiful life, Joanne! I always enjoy reading about your family activities and seeing all the fun photos!


  13. Looks like yall had a good time in NC. That Wonderworks place sure does make one wonder what kind of place it is. I'll have to postpone my trip to NC till at least next spring, maybe. I had planned to go there 1st weeks of Oct, in about 2 weeks.
    We are still short staffed & some of the family there has Covid. Yum...that chocolate cheesecake creation. Karen

  14. Tastiest posts!! Are those donuts under the ice cream in that one picture? Your whole month looks like one big vacation day. Always love the restful pictures of the lake, you gliding across the mirror-like water.

    1. Yes! They are donuts; they made them fresh, topped it with homemade ice cream, then homemade whipped cream.


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